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Lucy Sandeen
Lucy Sandeen is The Rubicon’s News Editor for the 2017-2018 school year. In her sophomore year, her love for writing, researching, and searching for truth inspired her to join The Rubicon staff. Previously, she has served as a staff writer and the Opinions editor. Lucy can be found reading in a hammock in a nearby park, doing facemasks and watching Queer Eye with her sister, and color-coding her daily schedule. While not in school, she works at the Grandview Theater in Saint Paul and tutors at the Saint Paul Public Library. She’s passionate about social issues and is one of the co-presidents of Students for Social Justice. This year, she is also serving as one of the senior class representatives on the Upper School Council. She is looking forward to a full year of RubiFun, RubiLearning, and RubiLaughter. Lucy can be reached at [email protected]

Lucy Sandeen, News Editor

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