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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

QUALITY WAX. Cheapo Records in Saint Paul has a nice feeling to it, along with a great variety of records.

[AROUND TOWN] Variety is the shopper’s playlist at Cheapo Records

Andrew Lipinsky, RubicOnline November 27, 2023
Cheapo Records, with three Twin Cities locations, offers new and gently used records. Buy or sell.
TALK WITH THE ROCK. Trevor Noah interviewed The Rock in the first episode of his new podcast. Noah hopes to have meaningful conversations about important topics in society. “We’ll probably fix every single issue humankind has ever faced so you definitely want to join us for every episode,” Noah said in the intro.

[PODCAST REVIEW] He’s back: What Now? with Trevor Noah premieres in fantastic style

Greyson Sale, News Editor November 15, 2023

What Now? with Trevor Noah is the perfect mix of important discussion and entertainment, as Noah’s comedic nature complements his serious side. After his surprise exit from The Daily Show in September...

Crumbl Cookies, a great spot to try some unique types of cookies.

[FOOD REVIEW] Crumbl Cookies offer more than enough to share

Rita Li, Creative Design Manager November 10, 2023

WOW-WORTHY. Killers of the Flower Moon is the best movie of 2023 so far. The primary actors delivered moving performances, and the soundtrack and cinematography brought the film to the next level. (Image from Apple TV+ Press Kit)

[MOVIE REVIEW] Killers of the Flower Moon: An ugly story told beautifully

Peter Ostrem, The Rubicon November 9, 2023
Killers of the Flower Moon should win numerous Oscars for its powerful storytelling.
KNOW THAT TUNE. Music helps us retrieve old memories and create new ones. Memory is not the only brain function affected by sound, many other mental processes are affected by hearing or playing music.

Music? It’s all in the brain

Siri Pattison, RubicOnline November 8, 2023
Music can activate all regions of the brain, aiding memory and shaping mental function.
AUTHENTIC APPEAL. Minimally produced music can feel more natural than overproduced mainstream tracks. This production style is commonly referred to as low-fidelity.

[ARTS OPINION] Dig into low-fidelity music

Andrew Lipinsky, RubicOnline November 6, 2023
Stripped-back production keeps music unique, raw, and rebellious.
[PHOTO STORY] Need a costume? Make it yourself.

[PHOTO STORY] Need a costume? Make it yourself.

Georgia Ross, Rubicon November 2, 2023
How students this Halloween used pre-owned items to create unique costumes.
Released Oct. 27, Danse Macabre includes three new tracks, several covers, and reimagined versions of Duran Duran classics. (Fair Use: Duran Duran Official website)

[ALBUM REVIEW] Duran Duran’s Danse Macabre is wicked good fun

Aarushi Bahadur, RubicOnline October 31, 2023
English band Duran Duran releases a solid, nostalgic album for Halloween.
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. Best Buy cut off disc sales just weeks after Netflix concluded its DVD by mail program Sept. 29. These paralleled events demonstrate how over the last few decades, movies and TV have shifted to be primarily consumed through online streaming services rather than DVD or Blu-ray discs.

Best Buy to stop selling discs and CDs

Clara McKoy, Director of Rubiconline October 31, 2023
The company announced mid October it will stop selling discs and CDs by Jan. 2024. What does this say about the future of physical media?
PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. William Hanna and Grace Medrano listen as Director Eric Severson gives instructions.

Sense and Sensibility makes sense of community

Ivy Evans, Staff Writer October 29, 2023
Take a peek into the production of the upcoming Upper School fall play: Sense and Sensibility.
FUN MATH, DESMOS ART. Senior Rishi Bhargava designed this graph using Desmos 3D during the Multivariable Calculus class. “You can change the color of the graph by playing around with the equations on the right,” Bhargava said.

[SOFTWARE REVIEW] Launch of Desmos 3D brings a new spark to Schilling

Rita Li, RubicOnline October 23, 2023
Desmos 3D allows students to see graphing in a new light.
The current art in the gallery is a project named the “La.dylike Experimental Art Project” which is a new platform that showcases the talents of female, and queer-identifying local artists (Twin Cities and metro area based)

La.dy.Like Experimental Art Project on display at the Drake Art Gallery

Lucy Thomas and Thomas Kovarik October 21, 2023
The La.dy.Like Experimental Art project, at SPA Drake Art Gallery, unveils a digitized feminine realm.
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