The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

Peter (Sam Zelazo), Prentiss (Gray Whitaker-Castaneda), Ted (Davyd Barchuk), and Molly (Val Chafee) let deep emotions shine through to make their performance even more captivating.

Live theater returns to Huss stage with Peter and the Starcatcher

Rita Li, Elizabeth Trevathan, and Ali Browne December 1, 2021
Dazzling costumes, a creative Tick Tock Croc, and a cast that loved the spotlight made for a must see production.
Travis Scott and Drake perform together during the Astroworld Festival. Meanwhile, screams and cries from below remain muffled by the loud music.

[ARTS OPINION] Astroworld tragedy exposes concert dangers, importance of safety precautions

Eliana Mann, RubicOnline November 17, 2021
Travis Scott's Nov. 5 musical festival performance turned into a deadly event over the course of a few short hours, as fans were trampled in a massive crowd surge.
Polished Quartz with silvery Rutile hairs inside

Crystals: a beginner’s guide to the craze

Clara McKoy, RubicOnline November 12, 2021
From amethyst, to obsidian, to quartz, and everything in between, crystals are unique minerals in both their physical appearances and healing properties.
GETTING GLAM. Makeup is a powerful tool for self-expression, but behind its bright pigments and shiny glitter, there are many more untold stories.

Makeup isn’t just skin deep

November 4, 2021
From the good aspects like self-expression and creativity, to the bad aspects like child labor, makeup is much more than it seems.
THE BIG SCREEN. Netflixs large array of movies allows for a large number of poorly produced movies, like Lethal Love and Hes All That.

Unbearable fun: get into the best bad movies

Salah Abdulkarim, Editor in Chief October 31, 2021
Although everyone has their own opinions about which movies are good and which are bad, we can all agree that sometimes, watching a bad movie for fun can be a hilarious experience.
COMING IN HOT. Deedee carries over the food maintaining functionality and a sleek look.

Wired waitstaff: replacing servers with robots

Annie Bai, The Rubicon October 30, 2021
As technology continues to advance, we can see the changes in our everyday lives. At the Sawatdee Thai restaurant in Minneapolis, they have replaced waiters with robots.
OUTFIT IN ACTION. Junior Quenby Wilsons style is mainly inspired by the 90s alternative era, which has its own values. If youre going to advertise it as that, you have to actually hold the beliefs that the punk subculture holds, she said.

Alternative expression: the return of punk

Hobbs Lillygreen, The Rubicon October 29, 2021
Aesthetics make each music scene unique. How do differing music scenes and their characteristics affect choices in fashion?
EMBRACE CREATIVITY. Fine arts department chair and ceramics teacher Daryn Lowman works with a piece of pottery in preparation for one of his classes. Lowmans core teaching philosophy includes ideas like this one: it is important to be open-minded when entering the stage or studio because that is when you truly get the most out of an elective.

Lowman and art department implement supportive teaching philosophy

Ali Browne, RubicOnline October 26, 2021
SPA offers a wide variety of art programs led by a dedicated group of faculty hoping to guide and inspire students.
SHOWSTOPPER. Finneas OConnell performs his music at the Austin City Limits music festival. While his younger sister Billie Eilish has stepped into the spotlight in the music industry, OConnell has made a name for himself as well.

[ALBUM REVIEW] O’Connell’s hit debut album Optimist highlights his identity as a solo artist

Clara McKoy, RubicOnline October 21, 2021
Finneas O'Connell dropped his new album on Oct. 15, which offers a delightful blend of emotional ballads and more upbeat tracks.
Cho Sang-Woo, Seong Gi-Hun, and Kang Sae-byeok band together to protect themselves from possible attacks during the night.

[TV REVIEW] Squid Game sparks interest, becomes most-viewed Netflix show of all time

Tommy Verhey, RubicOnline October 17, 2021
Released on Netflix on Sept. 17, the hit television series has entertained viewers across the world with its exciting plot and character development.
Five must-watch spooky movies for the fall season

Five must-watch spooky movies for the fall season

Ivy Raya October 10, 2021
It's October, which means Halloween is just around the corner. Here are five great films to watch to get in the fall spirit.
Dancing with the Star(chook)s: the return to the ballroom

Dancing with the Star(chook)s: the return to the ballroom

Salah Abdulkarim, Editor in Chief October 5, 2021
After a break from dance during the pandemic, Nina Starchook is getting back into one of her beloved hobbies.
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