The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

CHEMISTRY. Rextrew and Revri work magic in scenes together. (Netflix Press Kit)

[TV REVIEW] Dead Boy Detectives is a delightful romp through the afterlife

Aarushi Bahadur, Director of RubicOnline May 17, 2024
Based off of Neil Gaiman's comic series, Netflix's Dead Boy Detectives packs laughs, tragedy and enthralling chemistry enough to be the best new show now streaming.
A PASSERBY. Milan Mishra strolls past one of the largest painting included on the tour.

Spanish V students visit MIA

Mariam Malik, Social Media Manager May 16, 2024
The field trip on May 15 gave students time to explore Mesoamerican and Latin American art.
KARMA. JoJo Siwa emerges from an ocean in her infamous black face paint and sparkly body suit.  The music videos vivid and animated visuals keep up with the fast-paced and dramatic song. (Screen capture from “JoJo Siwa - Karma Official Video” by JoJo Siwa on YouTube.)

JoJo Siwa’s “Karma”: a chaotic rebrand, a cautionary tale for childhood fame

Thomas Chen, Beats Manager May 15, 2024
Following the release of JoJo Siwa's new song "Karma", the teenage pop star has suddenly switched her persona, to mixed feedback.
ACTRESS. Zendaya is outstanding in her leading role, embodying the films messages and themes in one character.

[OFF-SCREEN WITH OSTREM] Challengers’ excellent acting and cinematography provides intense viewer experience

Peter Ostrem, The Rubicon May 9, 2024
Directed by Luca Guadagnino, the tennis-romance film's casting choices and unique camera angles bring all the drama.
Thrifting: Tips and tricks for navigating the Goodwill bins

Thrifting: Tips and tricks for navigating the Goodwill “bins”

Georgia Ross, Chief Visual Editor May 1, 2024
Junior Mas Kouakou shares his experience digging through piles of clothes and finding unexpected gems.
HOT AND SPICY. The Highland location of the chicken resteraunt stands out with bright colors and sophistacted design.

[AROUND TOWN] Dave’s Hot Chicken opens new Highland location, giving a classic yet hot experience

Andrew Lipinsky, RubicOnline April 30, 2024
Ranging from no spice to the "reaper", the chain serves delicious tenders and chicken sandwiches paired with shakes and sodas.
THE PRINCESS AND THE QUEEN. Then eight year old Taryn Karasti spends her brunch with drag queens and amazing food at Lush. Karasti poses for a photo with drag queen Kamari Williams. 
(Submitted Photo: Taryn Karasti)

An uplifting art form: drag performances foster positivity in the queer community

Lani Ngonethong, RubicOnline April 26, 2024
The complex vibrant art of drag has a bigger impact than some would think.
EXCELLENT EXHIBIT. Seniors Poppy Ploen, Aurelia Meza, and Annie Hlavka read a description featured in the exhibit.

[IN THE DRAKE] Senior seminar gallery showcases “People Watching”

Clara Ann Bagnoli, The Rubicon April 25, 2024

The feeling of the male gaze, a childhood memory, facing the world during burnout. Themes based on artists’ personal experiences all fall under the common theme of “People Watching.” On Apr...

CONGRATS GRAD. Grad parties require lots of planning, but they are a fun and lively way to recognize the accomplishments of high school graduates.

Glitter, gifts and guestbooks: A guide to grad parties

Eliana Mann, Production Manager April 24, 2024
Here are some tips for party planners and hosts as graduation season approaches.
DAUGHTERS. Directors Angela Patton and Natalie Rae created a beautiful film centered around the Date Your Daughter program. (Fair Use Image: MSPIFF Website)

[OFF-SCREEN WITH OSTREM] Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Film Festival highlights new filmmakers

Peter Ostrem, The Rubicon April 22, 2024
The festival is showing over 200 films from Apr. 11 to Apr. 25 at The Main Cinema.
COWBOY CARTER. With the release of her latest album on March 29, Beyoncé has demonstrated that she can produce music across genres and proved that Black artists belong in country music just as much as white artists. (Fair use image: @beyonce on Instagram)

Beyoncé shows that Black artists can be cowboys, too

Eliana Mann, Production Manager April 11, 2024
Beyoncé breaks into the world of country with her latest album "Cowboy Carter". Her debut into the majority white genre means a lot for artists and listeners of color.
PLAYING WITH TEXTURE. Hejny demonstrates the rough texture on her 18-foot-tall commissioned painting from the salt added to the paint.

Local artist Annie Irene Hejny finds inspiration in nature

McKinley Garner, The Rubicon April 3, 2024
Hejny aims to inspire conversation and change with her artwork to help protect the environment.
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