The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

Social media platforms are a highlight reel, and Instagram is the most performative of them all. Yes, casual Instagram is good in theory. But its not really possible.

[ARTS OPINION] Instagram can’t ever be casual

Siri Pattison, RubicOnline May 12, 2022
Is casual Instagram actually attainable? It's complicated.
SEARCHING. Thrift shopping is a fun yet difficult task. Finding clothes that fit an individuals style can be very time consuming.

Thrifting provides eco-friendly and cost effective alternative to buying new

Tommy Verhey, RubicOnline May 10, 2022
Want to reduce waste, save your wallet, and purchase unique finds? Try thrifting.
CRIMINALLY ENTERTAINING. True crime media has been on the rise in popularity, taking many forms such as videos, documentaries, and podcasts. For example, YouTuber Bailey Sarian is known for her videos discussing true crime murder cases while doing her makeup.

[ARTS OPINION] Is true crime in the media ethical?

Zadie Martin, RubicOnline May 5, 2022
With non-professionals reporting on serious true crime cases, things can get messy.
PROMINENT PERCUSSION. Sophomore Sam Murphy plays several instruments in the percussion section throughout the ensembles performance.

[PHOTO STORY] Jazz Cabaret shines in front of a full house

Alexandra Cardwell, RubicOnline May 4, 2022
In their first-ever cabaret, the Middle and Upper School Jazz Bands combined for an exciting performance.
ON MY MIND. Popular lifestyle YouTuber Ava Jules recently started a podcast, which has been a dream of hers. As the title suggests, Jules discusses anything and everything that is on her mind in each episode. There are currently five episodes released.

[PODCAST REVIEW] Ava Jules shows candid side in On My Mind

Eliana Mann, RubicOnline May 2, 2022
YouTuber Ava Jules recently started a podcast for exploring anything on her mind.
It’s a piece about me, my identity, personal history, family and how my cultures- Israeli and Irish- combine. (senior Noa Ni Aolain Gross)

[PHOTO STORY] Senior Art Seminar AWAKE connects us all

Elle Chen, RubicOnline April 29, 2022
To be AWAKE is to see oneself and to understand one's place in the world.
IN HARMONY. Sophomore Millicent Benson sings her solo in Cornerstone, a piece set to biblical verses sung by student choirs and Community Chorale. I usually feel pretty nervous on stage, but I feel better when I start singing, Benson said.

Vocal and Orchestral Concert honors traditions and transitions

Siri Pattison, RubicOnline April 28, 2022
A bittersweet night included beautiful music and a farewell to Anne Klus.
DRESSED TO THE NINES. Juniors and seniors wear their most elegant gowns and suits for prom in the spring, like the seniors pictured here from 2021. There are many other great ways to find these dazzling outfits besides purchasing, such as thrifting or renting from organizations like Pass Down the Gown.

Save the Earth and the bank with alternative prom attire options

Siri Pattison, RubicOnline April 19, 2022
Finding an outfit for prom often means an expensive purchase and a one-time wear. How can this practice be made more sustainable?
Animals square off for battle in Super Auto Pets.

[GAME REVIEW] Super Auto Pets: a wildly fun time

PJ Bohjanen, Staff Writer April 17, 2022
Need a little distraction over Spring Break? Try Super Auto Pets. It is a refreshing and relaxing game that can be enjoyed by practically anyone.
POLISHED. Nail art can be very individualized to create any kind of design or color that fits each person. Theres more room to be creative like that when you do your own nails. I do like little designs where I would use the back of a toothpick to create little flowers or grass, sophomore Kate Hanf said.

Nail art requires artistic expression, not perfection

Rita Li, RubicOnline April 16, 2022
From filing to polishing, students Sia and Hanf discuss their nail-painting hobby.
CONTENT CREATOR. Derulo creates a milli-meal in one of his TikTok videos, marking the addition of another million followers.

[INFLUENCER REVIEW] Jason Derulo: bringing 2000s fame to TikTok

Georgia Ross, Staff Writer April 14, 2022
Strategically, Derulo learns how captivate his audience, jumping to 51.9 million followers by Mar. of 2022.
TRANSCENDING REALITY. Parasocial relationships form when an individual is illusioned to believe they know someone deeply who may not even know they exist.  Why is having fantasy interaction with either a celebrity or a fictional character strange at all? It’s actually the most normal thing for people to do, Professor of psychology Gayle Stever said.

[ARTS OPINION] Parasocial relationships: connecting with celebrities is actually healthy

Clara McKoy, RubicOnline April 12, 2022
Thinking of an actor or influencer as a friend sounds weird, right?
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