The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

CONFLICT ON CAMPUS. Student protests on college campuses have filled the news recently, though student demonstrations at universities are nothing new. Free speech, including the right to protest, is one of the core values of American democracy and must be upheld on its college campuses.

Campus protests highlight importance of free speech protections

Gavin Leuthold, The Rubicon June 1, 2024
The nationwide student protests on college campuses are protected by the First Amendment and should be allowed.
VALUES REIMAGINED. The school’s six core values are: achievement, accountability, community, resilience, inventiveness, and passion. These can remain important guiding principles for current students and alumni/ae of the school; they take on new meaning but are still applicable for graduates’ next journeys.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Packing up the school’s greatest gifts doesn’t require a backpack

The Rubicon Staff May 28, 2024
The values prioritized by the school will be a foundation that guides graduates.
PROTESTING FOR GENERATIONS. Protests are disrupting and attention catching. That is why it is a powerful tool for change that can be used by everyone, including students.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Bring back student led protests

RubicOnline Staff May 23, 2024
Protests are crucial to create change. Students should organize despite school policy limits. It is worth it.
JUST IN TIME. Finals season has started, but that does not mean it is too late for an “academic comeback”.

It is not too late to have an academic comeback

Mariam Malik, Social Media Manager May 23, 2024
Make an "academic comeback" by trying different study methods.
Combat ignorance by embracing discussions about current events

Combat ignorance by embracing discussions about current events

Yassin Mokbel, RubicOnline May 22, 2024
Conversations can be uncomfortable, but students must not shy away from having them.
APPRECIATE. Teachers do so much for students; here are some ways to give back. (Created in Canva)

Teacher appreciation lasts a lifetime

Lucy Thomas, RubicOnline May 21, 2024
People don’t remember many classmates, essays, or tests; they remember their teachers.
TUNING IN. Sophomore Lucille Brooks likes to listen to music when she studies in the art wing. Listening to music while studying be motivating and reduce stress. It is worth giving a try this exam season. (Photo Illustration by Zimo Xie)

Tune into studying by curating a playlist

Zimo Xie, Creative Design Manager May 21, 2024
There are as many ways to study as there is songs in the world. Try it with music.
NOT ALL DRINKS ARE EQUAL. When trying to avoid caffeine overconsumption, it is crucial to recognize how much caffeine are in different drinks, because it can vary greatly.

Breaking bad habits: caffeine overconsumption

Olympia Wolff, The Rubicon May 17, 2024
Maybe it's time to try a "caffeine cleanse."
HIGH SCORE. AP tests come with many benefits such as replacing college credit and used during the college admissions process. SPA does not teach AP courses that usually prep students for AP test. However, it is not a bad thing.

As a former AP teacher, this is why I like SPA’s approach to AP exams

Kathryn Campbell, CJE, Director of Publications May 16, 2024
Many schools offer AP courses that prep students for AP tests. SPA does not. However, that is a benefit, not a disadvantage.
ERASURE. The term whitewashed is mostly used towards people of color who seem assimilated to American culture and are distant from their heritage. However, the term enforces stereotypes and further restricts people of color who struggle with connecting to their culture.

“Whitewashed” washes over cultural connection

Nabeeha Qadri, RubicOnline May 14, 2024
Whitewashed: a put down used on people of color who are assumed to be distant from their heritage.
Committed to a cause, but not a candidate

Committed to a cause, but not a candidate

McKinley Garner, The Rubicon May 2, 2024
Commit to a cause. Commit to a candidate. But most of all, commit to voting without the commitment.
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