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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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ACADEMIC AID. Artificial intelligence is here to stay and can be a helpful academic tool when used ethically.

AI programs in schools aren’t always used for cheating, there are ways to use AI responsibly

Zimo Xie, RubicOnline September 29, 2023
AI has found its way into the mainstream, including school classrooms. With correct judgement, it can be used as a academic tool.
STAYING SAFE. Community Partnership Month aims to inform students about the many safety risks that exist at school. Since there have been student concerns about a lack of safety awareness, this month will be the perfect time to dial in and have those important conversations.

Let’s take partnership seriously this month

Annie Zhang, The Rubicon September 28, 2023
Fully engage in Community Partnership Month programming. It could save a life.
FACE TO FACE. Affinity groups are not only a good way to meet people that share the same identity, but also a good way to discover how different those people can be. Additionally, by engaging in a space where it’s not necessary to explain the nuances of identity, it’s possible to make connections based on a deep mutual understanding.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Affinity groups create safe spaces for inclusion and empowerment

The Rubicon Staff September 28, 2023
Celebrate a schedule that makes time for affinity group meetings.
ESSENTIAL TO UNDERSTAND. Take time to recognize other religious beliefs and celebrate a culture of religious diversity.

Religious days off for some are days on for others

Zadie Martin, RubicOnline September 25, 2023
Sept. 25 is Yom Kippur. Take time to understand the significance of the Jewish holiday and recognize that for many, it is far from a day off.
As the Spanish exchange program resumes for the first time since pre-covid, the SPA community should welcome visiting students with intention and warmth.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Welcome Colegio Malvar students with open hearts and minds

RubicOnline Staff September 14, 2023
Everyone in the SPA community is called on to be welcoming hosts for the Spanish exchange students.
Journalism Blitz ran from Jul. 31-Aug. 4. Students explored mini-feature, photo story, news and opinion writing, and arts review.

We have opinions…

Journalism Blitz August 4, 2023

The Journalism Blitz writers spent Thursday examining news and opinion writing ethics and writing structures. See if they can change your mind and inspire a new action.

FILM CLUB. Check out recommendations at sites like IMDB to build a movie list.

Summertime offers a great rainy-day escape: let’s go to the movies

Frances Matthews, The Rubicon June 4, 2023
Post pandemic, it's time to give movie theaters some love.
MAKING IDENTITY VISIBLE. Group labels can also be used to unite communities and create progress.

Asian or AAPI? Jew or Jewish? Queer or LGBTQIA+?

Claire Kim, The Rubicon June 3, 2023
Language is a powerful tool, use identifying terms with respect and intention.
CLOSING THE CHAPTER. Commencement marks the end of high school, and speakers should give graduates a message that celebrates their accomplishments while setting them up for the future.

What makes a good commencement speech?

Rita Li, RubicOnline June 2, 2023
Commencement speakers should motivate seniors to be lifelong learners, while recognizing the hard work behind their diplomas.
GO 2023. The senior decisions Instagram is a place to share good news. Students are able to submit their college decisions and engage with the community online.

Celebrate (don’t compare) senior college choices

Sonia Kharbanda, The Rubicon June 1, 2023
Use college decision announcements as an opportunity to honor seniors, rather than compare their choices.
OVER-COMMUNICATION? OR UNDER WRAPS? There are a number of ways for Elected / Selected groups to engage with the student body, but that’s a two person process. If students want transparency from student groups, they need to actively communicate their feedback. On the other side, student groups should respond with concrete changes.

Elected hopefuls promised full transparency, but is that really what the student body wants?

Amanda Hsu, The Rubicon May 31, 2023
Many student candidates for elected positions built their platform on transparency, but that can easily become overwhelming for the student body.
LIAR LIAR. Politicians need to be held to a higher standard. They currently take advantage of the political system by flaunting their money and power. This shouldn’t be the basis of our democracy; instead, it’s crucial for politicians to take accountability for their actions in order to make the United States a safer place to live in.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Hold the privileged accountable for an ethical political environment

The Rubicon Staff May 30, 2023
Government leaders must hold their positions with integrity and honesty. Citizens must hold them accountable.
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