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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

LIAR LIAR. Politicians need to be held to a higher standard. They currently take advantage of the political system by flaunting their money and power. This shouldn’t be the basis of our democracy; instead, it’s crucial for politicians to take accountability for their actions in order to make the United States a safer place to live in.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Hold the privileged accountable for an ethical political environment

The Rubicon Staff May 30, 2023
Government leaders must hold their positions with integrity and honesty. Citizens must hold them accountable.
CLUB FAIR At the beginning of the year all the clubs advertise their group to boost recruitment and gain members.

Club engagement thrives: everyone benefits

Nora McKoy May 26, 2023

Who organized the Ping Pong tournament in Lower Schilling or all the bake sales, speakers, and movie showings throughout SPA? Most of these events are the result of clubs. Clubs are a great way to connect...

Break the stereotypes dictating how all Asians should behave and appear. Its important to recognize diverse Asian cultures and celebrate all AANHPI members.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Include all Asian Americans in the nation’s story

RubicOnline Staff May 19, 2023
Celebrate and learn about the diverse AANHPI community within the United States.
APPLES AND ORANGES. Cliques can create perceived differences between students, creating exclusion and preventing friendships.

Combat clique culture with community

Andrew Lipinsky, RubicOnline May 18, 2023
Cliques have an overall negative effect on the community. They exclude others and make it very hard for new people at school to find where they fit in.
CULTURAL CONTEXT. While the mechanics of a language are the foundation of learning it, understanding the cultural background is also crucial to utilizing it fully.

Culture-based language learning opens doors

McKinley Garner, The Rubicon May 2, 2023
Even in lower levels of language classes, students learn about the culture of the language while developing proficiency.
PHARMACY POLICY. While Minnesota remains less affected by restrictions on birth control and abortions, boycotting and reaching out to state attorneys general and companies like Walgreens can still have an impact on these limitations.

Birth control restrictions hold back reproductuve rights

Hazel Waltenbaugh, The Rubicon May 1, 2023
Reproductive rights should not be a political issue, rather a form of available healthcare.
WHAT MAKES A GOOD FRIEND? Friendships are complex and everyone brings different qualities to a relationship. Despite common misconceptions, friendships of different levels can be very fulfilling.

Can we “settle” in friendships?

Ali Browne, RubicOnline April 30, 2023
The idea that friendships must meet certain qualifications to be meaningful or that having friends of different levels of connection and depth is “settling” is harmful.
[PHILOSOPHICALLY SPEAKING] The benefits of thinking about death

[PHILOSOPHICALLY SPEAKING] The benefits of thinking about death

Catherine Hooley, Managing Editor April 28, 2023
Death gives people a timeline, ot
FACE TO FACE. Although it can be easier to tell uninvolved people about a hurtful situation, discussing the issue directly with the person involved will help resolve the issue in a more timely manner. Communication is a crucial part of both maintaing relationships and educating others about their actions, even if they’re aren’t a close friend.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Embracing confrontation leads to positive change and growth

The Rubicon Staff April 28, 2023
Regardless of how the conversation plays out, it is essential to have difficult discussions.
Maddy Fisher

From the EIC: an apology to our readers

Maddy Fisher, Editor in Chief April 27, 2023
While we strive to create strong print issues, sometimes mistakes get sent to the printer.
Recognize classmates and appreciate the contributions they have made to the high school experience no matter how insignificant it may seem.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Connect with your peers during the last month of school

RubicOnline Staff April 26, 2023
It is so important to reach out to classmates and initiate a conversation before it is too late.
Even though OpenAI and chatbots influence students heavily and have become a central talking point across news outlets and social media, students should not have input in forming SPA’s AI policy.

AI academic policy: leave it to administrators

Tommy Verhey, RubicOnline April 21, 2023

ChatGPT has dominated computer servers across the world since late November. The artificial intelligence software created by Open AI has over 100 million users, receiving more than 1 billion site visits...

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