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States that have passed or proposed legislation banning critical race theory.

Critical race theory laws are unnecessary, harmful

Henry Burkhardt, RubicOnline June 4, 2021
Criticism from the right of CRT is invalid and a thinly veiled attempt at rewriting an unpleasant history.
Minnesota Matters is a monthly column written by Colin Will about political issues that impact the state.

Eviction or aid? Congress must find the compromise.

Colin Will, Columnist June 2, 2021
A bipartisan group of Minnesota senators has come up with a possible solution. Thirty days after coming into effect, their “offramp” plan would allow landlords to evict tenants for any lease violation that does not involve a failure to pay rent.
Medical diagnoses are useful when it comes to treatment, but can often lead to a binary view of whether or not someone has a condition.

Diagnosis does not equal destiny

Hazel Waltenbaugh, The Rubicon June 1, 2021
Categorization discredits the fact that many disorders fall on a spectrum.
So while things have changed this year due to the pandemic, grades are still a cause for much stress because of the weight they hold. The problem is that one number like a GPA doesn’t tell the whole story.

Is GPA a good metric for academic achievement?

Eliana Mann, RubicOnline May 29, 2021
If GPA isn't a good metric for academic achievement, then what is?
Minnesota Matters is a monthly column written by Colin Will about political issues that impact the state.

Senators, don’t close parks

Colin Will, The Rubicon May 26, 2021
By threatening to close state parks and tear down the programs that keep our state beautiful, Republican senators have shown a complete disregard for their constituents and everything that the government is supposed to stand for.
GO FOR A RIDE. Biking is an excellent way to relieve stress and get outside.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Get into gear for summer

The Rubicon Staff May 25, 2021
Biking can be done anywhere, anytime, and with very little risk of contracting COVID-19.
Vulnerability is a double edged sword. But does it bring more pain or happiness?

[2 SIDES 1 ISSUE] Does vulnerability bring more pain or happiness?

Ivy Raya and Alexandra Cardwell May 24, 2021
When expressing vulnerablity, does it bring more pain or happiness based on others reactions.
Implicit bias: a subconscious association of characteristics and feelings towards a person, action, or thing.

Implicit biases? Me too.

Elle Chen, Director of RubicOnline May 23, 2021
Government official, nurse, figure skater, American. What is the first image or type of person that pops into mind when you hear each of those words?
Many summer camps take advantage of the nice weather and are held outdoors like camping, team building, and sports. It is impossible to do these via Zoom, so registering is wasting precious time and money.

Virtual summer camp? No, thanks.

Annie Bai, Staff Writer May 19, 2021
Unless it is a strictly academically focused camp, there would be virtually no point in signing up for an online summer camp.
A person’s purpose in life is not to be small. The goal should be happiness and true health.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Live a perfectly sized life and allow others to do the same

RubicOnline Staff May 17, 2021
Those who struggle with eating disorders are far from alone: in a group of 100 teens age 16-19, four females and one male will be diagnosed with an eating disorder.
The only way to find a solution Amazon workers want without unnecessary risk, is something between unionization and corporate control.

With union talks ending, what will the future of work look like?

Arden Lillemoe, The Rubicon May 13, 2021
What the workers want isn’t full union power or full corporate power.
“It’s important to act upon DEI work, because improving inclusivity and creating equal rights for everyone will help us advance our community,” said USC and CAS member Audrey Senaratna.

Reflecting on Speaker Day: Continue DEI work

Eliana Mann, Staff Writer May 11, 2021
Even though some actions may feel small or insignificant, rest assured that any contribution to the cause will help.
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