The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their body

Davan Rosen, RubicOnline May 26, 2022
A report from the Williams Institute at UCLA school of law estimates that due to the government’s laws, an estimated 58,000 kids and young adults across 15 states have a possibility of losing access to gender-affirming care.
The negative connotations that come with feeling childish often deter adults from embracing the admirable traits children have.

Embrace aspects of childishness without judgement

Catherine Hooley, Managing Editor May 24, 2022
Adults often have an idea in their minds that they are not allowed to act childish, but this mindset can be harmful.
GIVE BACK. An increased demand for volunteers creates opportunities to do community work in diverse avenues. Embrace volunteering and viewing it as a way to help others is key to being genuine about it. While volunteering may be done with different motivations, the end goal of serving the community remains the same.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Treat volunteering as a chance to grow

The Rubicon Staff May 24, 2022
Everyone has every resource they need to volunteer: themselves.
Some believers in this theory think that reality is only simulated where humans are looking. This would mean that reality would cease to exist anywhere humans were not perceiving.

Play or be played: are humans living in a simulation?

Catherine Hooley, Managing Editor May 21, 2022
Humans feel, hear, see, taste, smell and think, but what if everything perceived about human reality isn't real?
Risk-taking is intrinsically tied to decision-making. Due to the biological stage of development in teens’ brains, adolescents go through the decision-making process differently than adults—driven more by the emotional and reactive parts of the brain than the thoughtful and logical areas of the brain.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Take more risks this summer

RubicOnline Staff May 20, 2022
Nine times out of ten, risk-taking is associated with dangerous, unsafe and harmful behaviors. Yet, extensive research concludes that making risky decisions is actually healthy, especially for adolescents.
ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE: Its no secret our planet is in a climate emergency.  Making small, easy changes to your daily routine can bring us one step closer to finally ending this crisis.

Seven easy ways to help protect the environment

Eliana Mann, Rubiconline May 19, 2022
Any number of small, personal actions can make a positive impact on the environment and are often easy to do.
HARMFUL POSTS. The rising trend of sharing ones glow-ups on social media is not as empowering as it seems.

Glow-ups are over-celebrated and harmful to mental health

Eliana Mann, Rubiconline May 17, 2022
The intent of showing a glow-up on social media is to celebrate one’s achievements and build confidence, but these posts encourage unhealthy comparisons and beauty standards.
Tops Friendly Market at 1275 Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo, NY.

Shooter kills 10, wounds 3 leaves behind questions, anger, grief

RubicOnline Staff May 16, 2022
The news of a racially motivated hate crime in Buffalo saturated news over the weekend.
Reedy uses the internet to further his understanding of various topics.

[2 SIDES 1 ISSUE] Is the internet disadvantageous for education?

Orion Kim, The Rubicon May 15, 2022
With their growing popularity, smartphones can be used for educational purposes, but are they effective?
Chen plays the piano to keep herself busy and still have fun.

[2 SIDES 1 ISSUE] Should students be busying themselves over the summer?

Orion Kim, The Rubicon May 15, 2022
Summer is approaching and a lot of pressure is put on student's, should they take the time to relax or not?
It’s okay to take a break from the news: how to stay informed while being mindful of mental health

It’s okay to take a break from the news: how to stay informed while being mindful of mental health

Clara McKoy, RubicOnline May 13, 2022
Remaining informed on major news events around the world is a vital component of being an educated, productive member of society, mental health must come first.
FOR SHOW OR FOR THE BETTER? SPA announced to set goals in order to establish a more diverse and inclusive community in terms of race, sexuality, religion and more.

Is the call for improving diversity performative or productive?

Rita Li, RubicOnline May 10, 2022
With new diversity initiatives announced, is the plan well-intentioned? Or well-positioned for success? It depends on you.
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