The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

STAR OF DAVID. The Star of David is one of the most visible symbols of Judaism and one senior Lillith Greene-Freeman said, in her speech, that she hesitates to wear some days.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Antisemitism is on the rise. Let’s do something about it.

RubicOnline Staff December 1, 2022
Microaggressions, like jokes and rude comments, towards Jewish students set a culture where it's ok for antisemitism to exist.
Frozen chicken nuggets, cold pizza, instant ramen are slowly eating up our culture and connection

Increased accessibility of ready-to-eat foods threatens health and food culture

Rita Li, RubicOnline November 20, 2022
Use the time over break to reconnect with cooking and break quick-eating, pre-packaged eating habits.
The only way to stop the artists from these actions and posts is to stop feeding their fame.

Do fans support the art? Or the artist?

Tommy Verhey and Nelson Wodarz November 2, 2022
Performers are set in the spotlight for their work and their actions. Which one should drive fan investment?
CROSSING CONSUMERISM. With the scale of online shopping constantly increasing, it’s become more and more difficult to avoid making unethical purchases. However, social movements to protest things like fast fashion have also grown, acting to spread awareness of the harmful aspects of consumerism.

Engaging in consumerism requires awareness of its consequences

Orion Kim, Chief Visual Editor October 29, 2022

Consumerism is a dominant force in daily life and people need to be aware of the psychological influences that materialistic value can have on their mental health. Additionally, consumerism extends beyond...

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. Droughts in Somalia have had a detrimental effect on the land, people and economy. To provide resources and spread awareness for countries that are particularly affected by issues of climate change, the first step is starting discussions about environmental crises that are outside of the United States.

Environmental crises are global: think outside the United States

Milkii Tigro, The Rubicon October 26, 2022
Environmental crises are happening everywhere and affecting everyone, yet not many people are aware.
BALANCING ACT. As teenagers grow older, it becomes increasingly more difficult to juggle responsibilities and mistakes are taken more seriously. However, parents shouldn’t take this as a reason to restrict their children’s freedom; instead, having more responsibilities is an opportunity to demonstrate independence and self-management skills.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Encourage teenage independence

The Rubicon Staff October 25, 2022
Even doing something as simple as independently caring for a pet, cleaning a bedroom, or helping around the house can demonstrate a student’s maturity and responsibility.
SCHOOL OF LIFE. Rather than choosing classes to perfect a college resume, it would be more beneficial for students to put more thought into exploring their passions and interests. There needs to be a change in how academic pressure is enforced by the community.

Make the shift from pressure to exploration

Eliza Farley, The Rubicon October 23, 2022
Students should prioritize trying new things while in high school rather than overly stress over academic achievement.
Students do not want to lose what is working for them in the schedule and are hoping to keep aspects that have worked well in the past.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Get your voice in the schedule discussions

RubicOnline Staff October 19, 2022
Upper and middle school faculty are in conversation with administration about aligning the schedules. Students should play a part too.
[PHILOSOPHICALLY SPEAKING] Is life easy or hard?

[PHILOSOPHICALLY SPEAKING] Is life easy or hard?

Catherine Hooley, The Rubicon October 18, 2022
Life is hard. Life is easy. Explore these statements with Managing Editor Catherine Hooley in this month's column.
FAIR GAME. Student Activities Committee leaders Mimi Huelster and Autumn Spaulding consult with SAC advisor Mallory Schmidt to make an announcement
at the ping-pong tournament Sep. 19. SAC planned a variety of activities for each day of homecoming week. “Organizing ping pong was
super fun,” Huelster said. “It was a pain to only have one table but it was still really awesome.” SAC did a great job of setting a tone of keeping tradition
while adding new opportunities for student participation.

Mutual engagement is essential for student voice

Orion Kim, The Rubicon October 18, 2022
Communication between students, student-led groups, and administration is crucial for a optimal school community.
The Great Gatsby is not just an ill-fitting classic. The novel is slim and elegant, therefore short enough to convince students that it’s worth reading.

The Great Gatsby should be brought back into the English curriculum

Aarushi Bahadur, Staff Writer October 15, 2022
F. Scott Fitzgerald, and, by extension, The Great Gatsby, is undoubtedly tied to Saint Paul Academy, whether today’s students like it or not.
A MOMENT TO REMEMBER. Every senior shares this expansive view into Huss as they give their senior speech.

Changes to senior speech format benefit community

Tommy Verhey, Director of RubicOnline October 7, 2022
Continuing changes to the format of senior speeches show promise for the future of the program experience.
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