The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

HEALTHY HOUSING. Senior Ayla Rivers builds houses alongside Habitat for Humanity for her senior project. She started volunteering  Apr. 26 and completed her 21 hours of service. Typically, alongside seniors capstone projects, they will also be completing community service ... however, my project is completely volunteer work, Rivers said. (Submitted by Ayla Rivers)

Rivers builds community homes by volunteering with Habitat for Humanity

Amanda Hsu, The Rubicon May 16, 2024
Rivers is set to begin working with her chosen organization, Habitat for Humanity, on April 29th for her senior project. She will be volunteering to build houses alongside the organization.
Connecting to Culture: Duong, Li and Cristobal share how they maintain their heritage in the U.S.

Connecting to Culture: Duong, Li and Cristobal share how they maintain their heritage in the U.S.

Lani Ngonethong, RubicOnline May 14, 2024
About 57% of Asian Americans were born in a different country, according to a study done by the Pew Research Center in 2021. Does the level of connection to one’s heritage change depending on where they live?
NEW PERSPECTIVE. The view from outside the East Side Freedom Library, where senior Nora Shaughnessy is volunteering.

Don’t just check off the box: Shaughnessy and Lillegard find passion in senior volunteering

Aarushi Bahadur, Director of RubicOnline May 10, 2024
Nora Shaughnessy will volunteer at East Side Freedom Library to learn more about immigration and rights for her senior project, while Annika Lillegard will work to reduce medical waste for her commmunity service requirment.
TAKE OFF. Sophomore James Welsh watches as his rocket rises into the air. The Aerospace engineering class held their final tests on May 1. Getting to launch the rocket that was fun because it was just like a month of really hard work all coming together, Welsh said. 
Photo submitted by Maren Overgaard.

Overgaard and Welsh break rocket launch record

Amanda Hsu, The Rubicon May 9, 2024
Maren Overgaard and James Welsh became the first underclassmen to hit the precise 300 feet height goal in Advanced Aerospace Engineering's highly anticipated rocket launch project.
ECHO. Sophomore Echo Dayton started going by Echo in 7th grade, a name that originated from her friends. My friends started calling me Echo because a lot of the time if I’m with a group of friends and zone out, I’ll just repeat whatever other people around me are saying. They started calling me Echo as a nickname, and it just stuck, Dayton said.

[WHAT’S IN A NAME?] Eliza “Echo” Dayton builds identity with nickname

Greyson Sale, Production Manager May 8, 2024
Echo Dayton's name started as fun little nickname for her habit of repeating what surrounding people say. But now, it has grown to be an essential part of her identity.
COOKIE LEGACY. Senior Andrew Drake bakes Christmas-themed cookies and frosts them at the dining table. Inspired by his grandmother, Drake has been baking for years. My grandma on my dads side does bake, so part of my inspiration came from her. We used to call her ‘Cookie Grandma’ because shed always have cookies for us and we came to visit, Drake said. (Submitted photo by Andrew Drake)

[Q&A] Drake bakes hobby into senior project

Rita Li, Creative Design Manager May 2, 2024
Inspired by his grandma years ago, senior Andrew Drake started baking as a hobby and has now turned it into his focus for senior project.
TRADITION. Taher lunch staff serve matzo crackers for those practicing passover. The crackers are an integral part of the festival, as chametz, or leavened bread, is forbidden.

As passover draws to an end, Jewish students reflect on the past, look at today

Johanna Pierach, The Rubicon April 30, 2024
Rising Mishpacha leader Avi Coleman said, "with the rising antisemitism in the US," it is essential to "...teach others about the goodness of the Jewish people to limit hate and stop anti-Semitic propaganda."
POOL WATCH. Senior Anja Seifert was hired as a lifeguard two years ago at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) and has worked there ever since. She credits lifeguarding for helping her develop time management. She said, “But, I dont think thats inherent to being a lifeguard. I think thats a skill that comes with just being employed.” (Photo Illustration)

Seifert’s lifeguard job offers more than keeping your head above water

Zadie Martin, RubicOnline April 30, 2024
Being a lifeguard requires a combination of physical ability, technical skills and a strong sense of responsibility for the safety and well-being of others in aquatic environments. Seifert encourages anyone who wants to become a lifeguard to work at the JCC.
IN SOLIDARITY A THOUSAND MILES AWAY. Perspectives on the Israel-Hamas war shift from person to person and from religion to religion. Regardless, “The most human, the most religious response, is to support all peoples seeking freedom from suffering” Rabbi Adam Spilker said.

When it comes to the Israel-Hamas war, faith shapes beliefs and action

Lani Ngonethong, RubicOnline April 27, 2024
Different perspectives offered by individuals witnessing and affected by the Israel-Hamas war.
ACCESSIBLE SUSTAINABILITY. Even the small, daily habits can help an individual live more sustainably. For example, reducing the amount of beef eaten or picking up a friend on the way to school can reduce carbon emissions.

Earth Week encourages sustainable actions

Olympia Wolff, The Rubicon April 27, 2024
The event kicked off on Earth Day, Apr. 22, and ran through Apr. 26.
Ringness seeking new experiences and exploration through cross-country road trip

Ringness seeking new experiences and exploration through cross-country road trip

Aarushi Bahadur, RubicOnline April 26, 2024
After graduation, senior Reilly Ringness is planning to go on a six-week road trip across nine different states.
UNIQUELY DIFFERENT. The Grewe twins have been growing up together for eighteen years. And in these eighteen years, they were at most separated for one month. On the left features senior Lucas Grewe, and right is senior Ian Grewe.

Growing up Grewe: seniors Lucas and Ian Grewe talk about the twin life

Rita Li, Creative Design Manager April 25, 2024
The Grewe twins explain what growing up felt like with each other and their plans as they continue past high school.
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