The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

BUNDLE UP. As temperatures continue to drop, wearing proper layers and taking precautions continues to be essential to getting through winter. [The key is] just adapting to being outside and wearing a little bit of comfy or warmer clothing in general,” senior Henry Wertkin said.

How to survive winter weather

Kevin Chen, RubicOnline January 15, 2022
Now more than ever, it's important to stay safe, warm and most of all, healthy.
This photo shows some friends and I during a celebration called “Taalu” of the various cultures and countries everyone came from.

Out of Minnesota and into the world: the semester I spent in South Africa

Clara Garner, The Rubicon January 14, 2022
One of the greatest things I learned was that I know so much less about the world than I ever realized. After this experience, I can confidently say that my life has changed.
Junior Elena Sjaastad gives a pep talk during a meet against Como Park at Humboldt on Sept. 2.

Top five visuals of 2021

Kevin Chen and Henry Burkhardt January 14, 2022
These are the photos and illustrations that defined the year.
PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION. With much of January underway, its important to reflect on what has been working this year, track progress and learn how to set attainable goals for the future.

New year, new us: checking in with resolutions

Lucy Thomas, Staff Writer January 13, 2022
Here is a mid-month check-in on the resolutions of members of the SPA community and an inside look at how they create and commit to their goals.
Tunney frequently travels to Italy with her family during the summer. It helps her practice her Italian and stay in touch with the language and culture.

Tunney develops usage of Italian, grows a shrinking group

Alexandra Cardwell, RubicOnline January 12, 2022

In addition to her study of Spanish at St. Paul Academy and Summit School, senior Isabella Tunney has been a fluent Italian speaker ever since she was little. Tunney’s family is part of a decreasing...

In this photo, I’m asking a guest speaker a question about their work. Typically, each week is dedicated to a case study regarding a certain topic. Each case study has an average of three guest speaker sessions, in which students can ask any questions they have.

A day in the life: my time in the capital city

Maddy Fisher, The Rubicon January 10, 2022
Junior Maddy Fisher attended the fall semester of the School for Ethics and Global Leadership, located in Washington, D.C.
Our top five feature stories from 2021.

Top five feature stories of 2021

RubicOnline Staff January 6, 2022
Our top five feature stories of 2021.
Student athletes tell us about the professionals they emulate

Student athletes tell us about the professionals they emulate

Salah Abdulkarim, The Rubicon December 17, 2021
Seeking inspiration from athletes who excel at their sport can stimulate growth and elevation of personal development.
“They have pink spray paint on the toe because last year, when I was doing my social studies [Taking a Stand Project], I accidentally spray painted the toe,” Thomas said.

Walk a day in our shoes

Team Story, Staff Writers December 14, 2021
Stories are afoot when students are asked about their choice of kicks.
TOGETHER AGAIN. Senior Divya Bhargava and sophomore Rishi Bhargava visited extended family over Thanksgiving break. We mostly just spent time at my grandparents’ house, because we were staying with them, and we just went to spend time with them,” Divya Bhargava said.

Students travel abroad for the holidays

Kevin Chen, RubicOnline December 9, 2021
Following months of separation from extended family, students have taken the opportunity to travel abroad for the holidays.
PLANNING AHEAD. Senior Henry Currie studies in preparation for finals. He finds that it is best to start early and study for small periods of time every day.

How to prevent finals burnout

Zekiah Juliusson, RubicOnline December 8, 2021
It is important to recognize burnout and know how to deal with it.
Over time, there have been countless landmark moments in the Title IX movement.

Title IX breaks gender barriers in long and difficult history

Claire Kim, The Rubicon December 7, 2021
Title IX prohibits discrimination based on sex in educational institutions.
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