The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

[WHATS ON MY DESK?] Larson mixes schoolwork, necessities, and gaming on desk

Tommy Verhey, RubicOnline October 19, 2021
Senior Leo Larson shows off some of his prized possessions, most of which on his desk.
All around town, neighbors lawns are getting decorated with Halloween decorations, horror movies are being advertised and haunted houses are being visited. But nothing seems just as horrific as these hair stories.

Horror lover? Wait until you hear these hair stories.

Elle Chen and Rita Li October 16, 2021
It's October but nothing seems just as horrific as these hair stories.
Senior Sophie Cullen delivers her speech in the Huss Center Auditorium. As she is among the few first speakers of the year, Cullen was determined to send an impactful message to the audience about the academic culture at SPA.

[Q&A] Sophie Cullen gives insight into the senior speech process

Zekiah Juliusson, RubicOnline October 13, 2021
Senior Sophie Cullen talks about her experiences writing her senior speech and gives advice to future speech givers.
The room buzzes with excitement as IC plans SPAs first Indigenous Peoples Day Assembly. Faculty and student leaders alike agree that recognizing the mistreatment and discrimination of Indigenous Peoples in the United States and honoring their roles in society is extremely important.

Club bridges intercultural connections in the upper school

Alexandra Cardwell, RubicOnline October 11, 2021
Intercultural Life Program Specialist Alexis Irish said she hopes the group will be a "hub" that makes connections happen.
Junior Riley Erben likes to help out the community by volunteering at the Ronald McDonald house in her free time.

[COMMUNITY SERVICE SPOTLIGHT] Erben keeps up family tradition through Ronald McDonald house

Zadie Martin, RubicOnline October 7, 2021
When Riley Erben, a junior, was in the lower school she and her family would go to the Ronald McDonald House to volunteer.
THEY DONT SEE WHAT I SEE. Outer appearance and inner feelings dont always match. Isolation can be a significant factor, as can online presence. Relationships often play the biggest role in who we are and how we feel.

Confident or critical? Internal dialogue, self talk may determine which you are.

Hazel Waltenbaugh and Catherine Hooley October 6, 2021
"I value myself. I am enough." What are the factors that contribute to self-image and mental state?
Sophomore Melina Kannankutty sits with her cat, Figaro.

[PEOPLE AND PETS] Cat or dog person? Doesn’t matter. We all love our pets.

Milkii Tigro, The Rubicon October 1, 2021
Students at SPA have several different types of pets. Each one of these pets, no matter the type, breed, or anything else specific to it provides love and assistance to them.
Senior Dante Gilbert works on the robotics team newest creation, which was used in last years competition. Senior Naci Konar-Steenberg said, “The motto [Of FIRST] is ‘Gracious Professionalism’, and that heavily focuses on trying to remain professional, mainly trying your best at robotics, while also trying to remain gracious in kind to team members, yourself, and the environment in the local engineering community.

[SCHILLING SCOOP] Robotics readies for competition

Kevin Chen, RubicOnline September 29, 2021
Robotics regains a sense of normalcy as the group bands together as they build.
Gross works on editing a photo during her Honors Art Seminar class. While in the presence of other student-artists, Gross said, I can get really inspired from one of my peers’ drawings or the way that they think about art, even if our art forms are really different.

Gross tells stories with her camera in Honors Art Seminar

Eliana Mann, RubicOnline September 28, 2021
Noa Ní Aoláin Gross focuses on photography. "Part of [art] is making, and creating, and preserving these beautiful moments," she said.
Gunther produces all of her music with her software at home, where she has many instruments at her disposal.

Gunther channels creativity into music

Ivy Raya, RubicOnline September 27, 2021
Ninth-grader Stella Gunther has a unique way to express herself and her imagination: creating electronic music.
Junior FInn Sullivan recaps what he has on his desk.

[WHAT’S ON MY DESK?] Sullivan combines personal belongings with at-home study space

Tommy Verhey, RubicOnline September 25, 2021
Junior Finn Sullivan combines his personal belongings with his study space at home.
After students wait in the car drop-off line before the school day starts, they often have to park in areas of the Huss and Drake lots that dont have designated parking spots to avoid being late for advisory check-in.

Parking lot brings anger, frustration to students

Tommy Verhey, RubicOnline September 24, 2021
A number of things have changed on the Randolph Campus, but complaints about parking have remained the same.
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