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The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

ORIGIN STORY. One day, after a traumatic incident on the job Cassie discovers she can sense what is about to happen in the future. (Screenshot from Madame Web Official trailer)

[MOVIE REVIEW] Madame Web spins a mediocre tale

Nabeeha Qadri, RubicOnline May 24, 2024
This movie was another unnecessary addition to the Marvel world, yet it hit the top 10 on Netflix in its first week on the service.
ACTRESS. Zendaya is outstanding in her leading role, embodying the films messages and themes in one character.

[OFF-SCREEN WITH OSTREM] Challengers’ excellent acting and cinematography provides intense viewer experience

Peter Ostrem, The Rubicon May 9, 2024
Directed by Luca Guadagnino, the tennis-romance film's casting choices and unique camera angles bring all the drama.
DAUGHTERS. Directors Angela Patton and Natalie Rae created a beautiful film centered around the Date Your Daughter program. (Fair Use Image: MSPIFF Website)

[OFF-SCREEN WITH OSTREM] Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Film Festival highlights new filmmakers

Peter Ostrem, The Rubicon April 22, 2024
The festival is showing over 200 films from Apr. 11 to Apr. 25 at The Main Cinema.
STOIC AND MYSTERIOUS. Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy) pushes his hat over his face in an intense monochromatic scene.

[COUNTDOWN TO OSCARS] Oppenheimer features impeccable cinematography, world-class direction, award-worthy acting

Elizabeth Tuttle, Staff Writer March 10, 2024
Christopher Nolan's "Oppenheimer" is a stunning and intense biopic.
SPEAKING WITH THEIR EYES. Greta Lee (Nora Moon) and Teo Yoo (Hae Sung) do a spectcular job of conveying their emotions from their body language and expressions. (Screenshot from offical Past Lives trailer)

[COUNTDOWN TO OSCARS] Past Lives explores unrequited love in its simple, yet profound plot

Nabeeha Qadri, Staff Writer March 9, 2024
Beautiful in its simplicity, the film explores the idea of destiny and how things may or may not meant to be.
REALISTIC VILLAINY. The Zone of Interest follows the Höss families day-to-day lives living in a house directly bordering the Auschwitz concentration camp. (Screenshot from The Zone of Interest official trailer)

[COUNTDOWN TO OSCARS] The Zone of Interest shocks with uniquely nuanced approach to the war film

Yassin Mokbel, Staff Writer March 8, 2024
The Zone of Interest is a crushing film that forces its viewers to sit with inexcusable villainy.
HOLIDAY SURPRISE. “I dont think Ive ever had a real family Christmas like this before,” says Angus Tully, a flawed but promising student at Barton Preparatory School in Massachusetts. Ironically, Angus says this as a Holdover—a student with nowhere to go for winter break. In the scene, Angus is celebrating Christmas with a flawed family—Mary, the Barton cafeteria manager, and Paul Hunham, the history teacher with a checkered past. (Screen capture Holdovers Official Trailer, Focus Films)

[COUNTDOWN TO THE OSCARS] The Holdovers brings unlikely trio together for the holidays

Soren Johnson, Staff Writer March 8, 2024
Not quite a comedy or a drama, The Holdovers manages to be both.
Sandra is the suspect of her husbands murder, and their son Daniel is the only witness. The catch is: Daniel is blind.

[COUNTDOWN TO THE OSCARS] Anatomy of a Fall masters anatomy of a film

Lina Abid, Staff Writer March 7, 2024
In court, Daniel learns things that he never knew about his parents, which makes his trust in his mother waver. For the first time, he asks the question of if she murdered his father.
MOVIE MASTERPIECE. Dune has been adapted many times throughout cinematic history, but Denis Villeneuves Dune Part Two is perhaps the most jaw-dropping of them all. (Fair Use Image: Warners Brothers official press release)

[OFF-SCREEN WITH OSTREM] Dune Part Two: A beautiful and brilliant blockbuster

Peter Ostrem, The Rubicon March 7, 2024
Combining excellent cinematography and thought-provoking themes, Dune Part Two is a must-see science fiction film.
ADULTI DECISIONS. Miles Morales learns to build relationships with people and learns to believe in whats right. (Fair Use Image: Sony Pictures)

[COUNTDOWN TO OSCARS] Spider-Verse faces the challenges of growing up

Audrey Peltier, Staff Writer March 6, 2024
With great devotion, Miles Morales defends his hometown while struggling with growing up.
ELEMENTAL. Ember meets challenges which she overcomes with her friend Wade in the new movie. (Fair Use Image: Disney Press Kit)

[COUNTDOWN TO THE OSCARS] Elemental is a natural disaster

Audrey Jansen, Staff Writer March 5, 2024
Although Elemental has a thoughtful message, its main ideas are dry and overused.
GRIEF: Dayo sits on his car thinking about memories. (The After press kit)

[COUNTDOWN TO THE OSCARS] The After : more like the “before”

Tamari Christopher, Staff Writer March 4, 2024
The After, a short film directed by Misan Harriman, shows not to take your time with people for granted.
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