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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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DISAPPOINTMENT. Despite its solid box office performance, The Equalizer 3 did not offer much in terms of cinematic quality, and felt as though it was cheaply made. The acting and line delivery were often poor, and the plot was boring and unengaging, leaving much to be desired.

[MOVIE REVIEW] The Equalizer 3: A disappointing end to a great franchise

Peter Ostrem, The Rubicon September 20, 2023
Dull plotlines and low-quality acting left much to be desired from this film.
YOU CAN WEAR THE MASK. Miles always believed that there was only ONE Spider-Man, but it turned out that there were 5 other Spider-People from 5 other universes; and now they have ended up in Miles’s universe. (Screencapture from Sony Pictures Official Trailer)

[MOVIE REVIEW] Crawling “Into the Spider-Verse” is spectacular

Ibraheem August 25, 2023
If you ever need help finding a movie—here’s the perfect, marvelous introduction to the Spiderverse.
START WITH A BANG. In the opening musical number of Urinetown, everyone sings in different tones and timings, creating a chaotic tone from the start of the show.

[THEATER REVIEW] Urinetown pays homage to classic musical theater

Juan Miguel Adams, The Rubicon May 30, 2023
The cast embraced the challenge of embodying the spirit of those iconic musicals, whether it was Fiddler on the Roof, Guys and Dolls, Les Miserables, or Chicago.
ORDER UP: The pickup counter at SimpliciTea gives customers a sneak peak into the tea-making process.

[FOOD REVIEW] Try out boba tea for a refreshing spring drink

Marius Elias Morse, Photojournalist May 19, 2023
These three boba tea shops are great options for a new spring drink.
DEADLY DENMARK. Hamlet takes place on a bare, gray stage with three levels and a balcony, and the actors occasionally appear at floor level with the audience. The blandness of the backdrops allowed for complete focus on the acting and costume design, which were far more interesting.

Guthrie’s 60 years started with Hamlet. Revival continues that success.

Sonia Kharbanda, Staff Writer May 12, 2023
From its award-winning design to its philosophy for success, go to The Guthrie to see the show but also to experience the theater itself.
MARIO TIME. Opening the movie with the more professional, plumber, side of the Mario and Luigi storyline added a unique dimension to the story that didn’t focus just on game.

[MOVIE REVIEW] Super Mario Bros. Movie succeeds through game play and plot

Nelson Wodarz, RubicOnline May 4, 2023
The Super Mario Bros. Movie holds the record for the highest-grossing animated film at the box office after just four weeks.
BACK IN BLACK. Hamlet wears predictable black – he is the only character who does not change costume - which reflects his unwillingness to let go of his father and his resulting fixture in the past.

[THEATER REVIEW] Guthrie celebrates 60 years with the play that began it all, Hamlet

Aarushi Bahadur, RubicOnline May 3, 2023
Overall, Director Joseph Haj’s production is remarkably accessible, if lacking nuance.
THERAPEUTIC TRIO. Fan favorites Ted Lasso, Coach Beard and Roy Kent stand on the sidelines of the pitch.

[TV REVIEW] Third time is (less of a) charm for Ted Lasso

Alexandra Cardwell, RubicOnline April 14, 2023
At this point, the show is more about audiences watching characters they have come to love.
BEHIND THE LIGHTS. Elvis, directed by Baz Luhrmann and starring Austin Butler, provides an insider view into the stars life, marred by controversy and greed. The film is nominated for eight Oscars, including Best Picture. (Screen capture from Baz Luhrmanns ELVIS | Official Trailer by Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube)

[OSCAR REVIEW] Elvis: Controversy follows the King of rock and roll

Sonia Kharbanda, Staff Writer March 13, 2023
"Elvis" dazzles viewers with its insider view into Elvis's life, though it missed the mark for Oscar wins.
LISTEN UP. The Women Talking cast was successfully able to execute an emotional film on such an emotional subject, while still making it engaging and entertaining for the viewer.

[OSCAR WINNER] Women Talking: Feminism in an isolated community

Nora Seifert, Staff Writer March 13, 2023
Women Talking won Best Screenplay at the Oscars last night.
FLOP OR NOT? In The Whale, Charlie goes through an emotional journey searching for redemption.

[OSCAR WINNER] The Whale: A Big Hit?

Shefali Meagher, Staff Writer March 13, 2023
It's no surprise that Brendan Fraser won the Oscar for Best Actor last night.
YOU TALK TOO MUCH. Sammy Fabelman (left, Gabriel Labelle) is trapped in his room and has no choice but to listen as uncle Boris (right, Judd Hirsch) gives him a speech on art.

[OSCAR REVIEW] The Fabelmans is the ultimate movie-about-movies

Thomas Ferguson, Staff Writer March 12, 2023
The Fabelmans is an instant comfort movie that is worth watching no matter who you are.
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