Grandview closes for lobby renovations


Flickr CC: Joel Dinda

Prior to the renovations, the dazzling theater developed a lackluster facade.

Mann Grandview Theatre closed on Jan. 22 to undergo a second round of interior renovations.

Mann Grandview and Highland theaters were both granted $333,750 in loans by St. Paul in 2014. Both theaters began renovations in April and August 2018, respectively. While Highland’s entire interior was revamped, including its stand, only Grandview’s seats, draperies, and carpeting were replaced in 2018.

Now, Grandview is closing a second time to renovate its stand and lobby area. The theater will be getting new carpet, new benches, and a new popper for the popcorn, according to assistant manager Jordan Fulin.

“I’m looking forward [to the renovations]. After Highland’s renovations, the theater looks very nice. It’s very much needed—the last renovation happened over 10 years ago,” Fulin said.

“I wonder how much it’s actually going to look different,” cashier Jennifer Yeung said.

The theater hopes to reopen the week of Feb. 1.

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