JV and Varsity Softball join forces

Kathleen Bishop catches and prepares to throw the softball

The Varsity and JV softball teams have joined forces, giving many younger players the opportunity to experience a more competitive softball atmosphere and bringing “new blood” to the varsity team, as junior Noa Carlson put it.

For Carlson, the new organization of the team will require players to “[get] to know [each other] as players instead of people,” and she’s looking forward to the challenge, saying, “it’s going to be good.”

Sophomore Maggie Youngdale agreed. “I’m looking forward to building a better bond with each other,” she said.

Both Youngdale and Carlson describe the team as positive, inclusive, and friendly.

We’re a crazy group of people.

— Noa Carlson

“We’re a crazy group of people. I don’t know.. We sing at random times, we dance at random times, but we’re very focused with our skill, just making sure that every play is the best. But we like to have fun too. It’s a good mix of being in the game, knowing what’s happening, but also having a good time,” Carlson said.

While the team is upbeat and supportive with their game rituals, including welcoming players to the field by slapping their mitts, they are also focused and determined. Their positive energy translates into their aspiration to improve individually and as a team. “We’re just really cheering each other on and we’re coaching each other to become better players,” Youngdale said.

But beyond winning and losing, the team’s focus centers on attitude and camaraderie.

“We’re trying to be as positive as we can even when we go through our defeats,” Youngdale said.