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An infographic showing the new things outdoor, socially-distanced proms have to offer, while keeping some of the same traditions.
Class of 2022 run into legal obstacles while planning their own prom
Alexandra Cardwell, RubicOnline • June 3, 2021
In light of this year’s prom being restricted to just the senior class, a group of juniors got together to plan their own prom outside of school.
States that have passed or proposed legislation banning critical race theory.
Critical race theory laws are unnecessary, harmful
Henry Burkhardt, RubicOnline • June 4, 2021
Criticism from the right of CRT is invalid and a thinly veiled attempt at rewriting an unpleasant history.
Minnesota Matters is a monthly column written by Colin Will about political issues that impact the state.
Eviction or aid? Congress must find the compromise.
Colin Will, Columnist • June 2, 2021
A bipartisan group of Minnesota senators has come up with a possible solution. Thirty days after coming into effect, their “offramp” plan would allow landlords to evict tenants for any lease violation that does not involve a failure to pay rent.
Sophomore Dylan Tan Stephenson spends summers in Turkey with his family.
What you might not know about me: Dylan Tan Stephenson
Noa Ní Aoláin Gross, The Rubicon • June 3, 2021
Learn five things about sophomore Dylan Tan Stephenson.
The first finals week for both 9th and 10th graders this year is approaching. Changes to finals format like creative projects and shorter tests have been implemented by the administration to ease the stress of exams.
Underclassmen prepare for first final exams; capstone assessments
Tommy Verhey, RubicOnline • May 27, 2021
Administration has decided to once again conduct capstone assessments for this year's final exams, hoping to reduce stress.
How do you take team photos during COVID? You assemble them.
Sports Shorts June 7, 2021
Spring team photos can be seen in the gallery of this story.
Ziemer at a recent rowing race.
Ziemer heads for rowing nationals
Henry Burkhardt, RubicOnine • June 4, 2021
“I’ve really enjoyed meeting other people through the sport, I’ve met so many other kids from different backgrounds,” Ziemer said, “It’s nice to have so many connections outside of just school.”
Urban camping options and park districts just outside of the Twin Cities provide a number of ways to leave screens and schedules behind. See more details about each campsite in the StoryMap at the bottom of the story.
Pitch a tent. Escape at a nearby campsite.
Maddy Fisher, The Rubicon • June 7, 2021
The number of first-time campers in 2020 was more than five times that of 2019. Of the 10.1 million new campers in 2020, 7.7 million attributed their motivations for camping to the pandemic.
This image shows one of the first stages of making pasta. Eventually, these eggs and flower will create tasty pasta!
[FOOD REVIEW] Simple and delicious homemade pasta recipe hits the spot
Salah Abdulkarim, Editor In Cheif • May 29, 2021
See how to make homemade pasta, and how it turns out.