Humans of SPA: Randall Findlay


“When I was teaching in San Francisco, one of my students who was not passing my class – a kid named Miguel – came up to me one time, and he wanted to give me a letter. And the letter thanked me for not giving him a passing grade, because he for the first time took it seriously that he needed to work hard. So we’re talking about what he could do to improve, and we just had one of these sort of random conversations, and he said ‘what do you do when you’re not here?’ and I said ‘well I build boats, and I bind books, and occasionally I make beer.’ He goes, ‘oh, you make beer? My dad does that sometimes, cool.’ And he begins talking about his favorite beer. Now, this is a junior, and he’s not old enough to drink beer. So I’m in a classroom after school, having a conversation with an underage kid about his favorite beer, explaining why while he should not be drinking any beer, the beer he has chosen is probably not worth it,” Upper School English teacher Randall Findlay said.

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