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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

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IN SESSION. Legislators returned to the capitol on Feb. 12 for the 2024 session. The democrats are making an effort to advance their bills, including those regarding equal rights and medically assisted suicide. (Public Domain image:

Historic 2023 legislative session brings modest goals for 2024

Sonia Kharbanda, The Rubicon March 2, 2024
Legislators will be working on a public infrastructure bill, and addressing topics like equal rights and medically assisted suicide.
100 MILES. A poster describing how Ted Corbitt set the American record for 100 miles in 1969 is an example of how the project tells stories through numbers.

Communal history project sheds light on Black History Month through numbers

Aarushi Bahadur, RubicOnline February 28, 2024
The goal was to add 500 facts to the timeline by the end of the month.
UNITED RESPONSE. The ambulance of fallen paramedic Adam Finseth, who was shot and killed when attempting to help officers who were shot after responding to a domestic situation. The ambulance was covered in flowers and notes for the family.

Three first responders killed in Burnsville shooting

Eliana Mann, Production Manager February 25, 2024
Two police officers and a firefighter were killed Feb. 18 in Burnsville. The public memorial for the first responders will be held on Feb. 28 at 11 a.m. at Grace Church in Eden Prairie.
DO GOOD. 32 participants supported the American Red Crosss cause of giving blood to cancer patients, accident victims, and others in need.

Students and faculty encouraged to donate in upcoming blood drive

Lani Ngonethong, RubicOnline February 24, 2024
USC's annual blood drive will occur Mar. 5 from 8 a.m.-2 p.m.
COMMUNITY SOUP. Quiz bowl connects students through a cheerful, competitive nature. The team has changed in recent years as the current members are generally STEM-focused. Senior Bridget Keel said that they aim to “try their best and have fun.”

Quiz bowl builds community with expertise

Olympia Wolff, The Rubicon February 23, 2024
Quiz Bowl veterans and rookies reflect on the season so far.
NAMECOACH IN ACTION. US Technology Coordinator Angie Kritta displays the Namecoach software that teachers began using this January. This software was tested out a few years ago by seniors. “Namecoach is a huge step in
making the community more inclusive,” Kritta said.

Namecoach launch promotes correct name pronunciation

Johanna Pierach, The Rubicon February 22, 2024
Set to roll out this spring, learn about the software Namecoach, which provides students and teachers with audio recordings of everybody's correct name pronunciation.
NEIGHBORHOOD CLASH. Incidents of bikers and pedestrians being hit by cars are among the city’s top considerations regarding this proposal. Initially proposed in 2021, backlash from neighbos pushed back the approval until October of 2023. “In reality, it’s
just safer bike lanes,” said sophomore Roman Farley.

Residents resist council-approved Summit Ave. reconstruction

Amanda Hsu, The Rubicon February 21, 2024
Residents of Summit Ave. formed an organization called Save Our Summit (SOS). It aims to legally fight a Summit Avenue reconstruction plan recently approved by the Metropolitan Council.
AT THE END OF THE LINE. Lunch lines are especially long this year. In attempts to shorten the line, modifications are made, occasionally switching between two lunch lines or one line. Not many differences are noticable. C3 member Andy Allen marks it up to miscommunication. The US (Upper School) administration is not entirely aware of there only being one lunch line, instead of the two that we have been accustomed to, Allen said.

C3 seeks to address lunch line budging

Zadie Martin, RubicOnline February 20, 2024
The length of the lunch line has been a topic of debate, and mostly complaints, since the beginning of the school year, C3 works on finding solutions.
PRIMARY ELIGIBILITY. So far, 35 states have contested Donald Trump’s appearance on a state primary ballot, but only two states—Colorado and Maine—have succeeded in actually removing him.

Colorado and Maine remove Trump from primary ballots; Supreme Court has not yet ruled

Sonia Kharbanda, The Rubicon February 19, 2024
Some states have used the 14th Amendment (involvement in an insurrection) to justify Trump's removal.
Dress up days announced for Winter Week

Dress up days announced for Winter Week

February 18, 2024

Student Activities Committee has set four days to show Spartan Spirit that will culminate in the dance Feb. 24. Tuesday - Y2K Wednesday - Pink Thursday - PJs Friday - Boots Saturday's dance...

COUCH CONNECTIONS. A group of students talk after school at the new tables and chairs in Red Leaf Commons. The Huss couches were removed after winter break to create a more formal space. “We did not do the work to keep [the couches there,” said senior Poppy Ploen.

Huss couches removed due to informality

Juan Miguel Adams, The Rubicon February 13, 2024
Couches in Huss recently taken away. Students voice complaints and support, administration shares reasons.
Dean emphasizes importance of lunch remaining in lunch room

Dean emphasizes importance of lunch remaining in lunch room

February 12, 2024
Lunch needs to be eaten in the lunch room or just outside at the English Commons tables.
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