Wolfpack football builds on success as a team


Submitted by: Jake Adams

The Wolfpack, a football team made up of players from SPA, Minnehaha Academy, and Blake, is closer and stronger than ever. The team makeup has stayed relatively consistent, but captain Jake Adams believes that the upcoming season is full of promise.

We’re keeping the mentality of staying together as a family and fighting for it.”

— Senior Jake Adams

“I think the team this year has been one of the most talented we’ve had, and I would have to say this year is going to be great for us,” Adams said.
To do so, the boys must stay connected.
“Really, the team dynamic is being a family.It’s an interesting concept having three different schools being a football team, and the number one priority is making sure we act as if we’re a family. Any one of those players I would consider my brother,”he said.
Despite the players being from three different schools,“there isn’t a divide between any of the schools,” Adams said.
“It started back when I was a sophomore, when we first started the team. The seniors that year did a great job of making sure we were one team,” Adam said.
Adams is continuing that legacy as a captain.
“We’re keeping the mentality of staying together as a family and fighting for it,” Adams said.

Wolfpack is currently 4-1, with their next game Oct. 6 against St. Paul Central at St. Paul Central High School at 4:00 p.m.