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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

THINK TWICE. Although it might sound smart to experiment with drugs and alcohol, the data suggest otherwise.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Experimenting? Reconsider.

The Rubicon Staff November 30, 2023
Experimenting with drugs and alcohol is risky and unnecessary.
THE TIME IS NOW. SPA must create a climate policy that dramatically reduces emissions to meet the urgency of this moment and be an example to students, families, and peer institutions.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] SPA must make climate action a priority

RubicOnline Staff November 13, 2023
Institutional climate action becomes more necessary every day, yet SPA makes no commitment to curb school carbon emissions on its website.
NO GIRLS INVOLVED. The relative lack of female-identifying students in STEM extracurriculars can make them feel like boys’ clubs. It’s not that girls aren’t interested in these activities; instead, they might not be included to the same degree when they want to participate, or they might be afraid to be the only one.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Girls in STEM deserve our support

The Rubicon Staff October 31, 2023
While teachers can encourage and educate, students need to take action: invite each other to participate in teams, make space for female-identifying leadership and voice.
ASSESSING ACHIEVEMENT. The survey sent to all students, families, and faculty should inspire individuals to define excellence for themselves while respecting how others strive to be excellent.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] What is excellence?

RubicOnline Staff October 13, 2023
SPA is examining its community values, but words such as "excellence" and "success" don't have meaning until they are defined.
FACE TO FACE. Affinity groups are not only a good way to meet people that share the same identity, but also a good way to discover how different those people can be. Additionally, by engaging in a space where it’s not necessary to explain the nuances of identity, it’s possible to make connections based on a deep mutual understanding.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Affinity groups create safe spaces for inclusion and empowerment

The Rubicon Staff September 28, 2023
Celebrate a schedule that makes time for affinity group meetings.
As the Spanish exchange program resumes for the first time since pre-covid, the SPA community should welcome visiting students with intention and warmth.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Welcome Colegio Malvar students with open hearts and minds

RubicOnline Staff September 14, 2023
Everyone in the SPA community is called on to be welcoming hosts for the Spanish exchange students.
LIAR LIAR. Politicians need to be held to a higher standard. They currently take advantage of the political system by flaunting their money and power. This shouldn’t be the basis of our democracy; instead, it’s crucial for politicians to take accountability for their actions in order to make the United States a safer place to live in.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Hold the privileged accountable for an ethical political environment

The Rubicon Staff May 30, 2023
Government leaders must hold their positions with integrity and honesty. Citizens must hold them accountable.
Break the stereotypes dictating how all Asians should behave and appear. Its important to recognize diverse Asian cultures and celebrate all AANHPI members.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Include all Asian Americans in the nation’s story

RubicOnline Staff May 19, 2023
Celebrate and learn about the diverse AANHPI community within the United States.
FACE TO FACE. Although it can be easier to tell uninvolved people about a hurtful situation, discussing the issue directly with the person involved will help resolve the issue in a more timely manner. Communication is a crucial part of both maintaing relationships and educating others about their actions, even if they’re aren’t a close friend.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Embracing confrontation leads to positive change and growth

The Rubicon Staff April 28, 2023
Regardless of how the conversation plays out, it is essential to have difficult discussions.
LET HER LEARN. The discussion and pursuit of romantic and sexual relationships at  SPA is littered with casual misogyny.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Do your part for gender equity

RubicOnline Staff March 17, 2023
Casual misogyny impacts all genders and degrades school culture.
OUTSIDE THE BOX. Engaging in classroom activities that aren’t static doesn’t automatically mean students will be distracted or unproductive. Using the opportunity to expand learning content outside the classroom has many benefits that can improve engagement, focus, and health.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Promote healthy habits by incorporating movement in class

The Rubicon Staff March 7, 2023
Students and teachers alike can struggle to balance workload with healthy habits.
DO I BELONG? Along with the strategic action plan to improve DEIB at SPA, there has been a significant increase in community-wide surveys based around safety and belonging in the community.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Promote a culture of acceptance and belonging

RubicOnline Staff February 15, 2023
Additional steps can be taken individually and school-wide on a daily basis to foster a stronger sense of belonging.
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