The Rubicon

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Honor social distancing protocols this summer

Keep looking for alternative options for social time. Set up a Netflix party and watch something together; go to a park with masks and stay six feet apart.

The Rubicon Staff

May 26, 2020

Although regulations have been made less restrictive it is important to continue social distancing and limit exposure to others as there is still a long road ahead.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Value essential work by staying home and advocating

These essential workers help the rest of the community stay sane and healthy during this unprecedented time. They not only need to be recognized and appreciated, but there should be steps made beyond recognition for essential workers to keep them safe.

RubicOnline Staff

April 28, 2020

There should be steps made beyond recognition for essential workers to keep them safe.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Social distancing is essential to combating COVID-19

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, social distancing is an act of love.

The Rubicon and RubicOnline Staffs

March 17, 2020

As cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in Minnesota, reducing social interaction is the only sure way to flatten the curve.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Stop the coronavirus jokes and stay informed

With the fear of COVID-19 increasing, the stereotype of Chinese people having the virus is being unrightfully perpetuated.

RubicOnline Staff

February 26, 2020

Jokes about the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, have made its way into the hallways. But people need to stop laughing.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Resist parroting parents’ opinions

POLLY WANTS... A POLITICAL STANCE? Students often repeat their family member's political beliefs, but this is counterproductive -- especially in a discussion-based learning environment. Students should allow their own morals to shape their opinions.

The Rubicon Staff

February 5, 2020

It's time to ask: "Have I thought through issues, political candidates, and party politics for myself?"

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Take advantage of community-organized MLK events

This Monday will feature opportunities to volunteer with seven different nonprofits, including The Animal Humane Society and lesser-known non-profits such as Women's Advocates, an organization that provides shelter and support for women facing domestic violence.

RubicOnline Staff

January 20, 2020

This MLK day, take one day out of your weekend to truly help make a change in the world.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Suicide prevention starts with education

It’s vital that warning signs of depression are recognized early on, before escalation.

The Rubicon Staff

January 14, 2020

It is important to have an idea of how to recognize signs of depression.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Whose land are we on?

The naming is a problem. It’s a form of erasure. But, it’s not the only one.

RubicOnline Staff

November 20, 2019

Making inclusive choices that build awareness of the past is a good decision, but don't stop there.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Stereotypes discourage connection

YOUR CLASSMATE: STEREOTYPE EDITION. Even when stereotypes are occasionally accurate, they are limited, and they can lead to unfair judgments made on appearances alone.

The Rubicon Staff

November 18, 2019

Challenge first impressions, know each other more deeply.