The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

ACTIVE AUDIENCE. An increased administrative presence in the community has a clear impact on fostering positive relationships with the student body. While a greater involvement may feel unfamiliar, students should put in the same amount of effort to appreciate and acknowledge the administration’s attention to student voices and decisions.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] New admin sets new tone. Let’s meet their energy.

The Rubicon Staff September 27, 2022
Students have felt a closer connection to their administration team this year, and while it may be unexpected, their investment in student life should not be dismissed.
As a community, there are ways we can spread awareness and help people who might feel alone or like they have no other option.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Make a difference; save a life

RubicOnline Staff September 18, 2022
Don't wait until it's too late to know the signs of depression and suicide and the ways to find or offer support.
GIVE BACK. An increased demand for volunteers creates opportunities to do community work in diverse avenues. Embrace volunteering and viewing it as a way to help others is key to being genuine about it. While volunteering may be done with different motivations, the end goal of serving the community remains the same.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Treat volunteering as a chance to grow

The Rubicon Staff May 24, 2022
Everyone has every resource they need to volunteer: themselves.
Risk-taking is intrinsically tied to decision-making. Due to the biological stage of development in teens’ brains, adolescents go through the decision-making process differently than adults—driven more by the emotional and reactive parts of the brain than the thoughtful and logical areas of the brain.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Take more risks this summer

RubicOnline Staff May 20, 2022
Nine times out of ten, risk-taking is associated with dangerous, unsafe and harmful behaviors. Yet, extensive research concludes that making risky decisions is actually healthy, especially for adolescents.
PICK IT UP. Most students will effortlessly offer a “thank you, “ to lunch staff every day while still neglecting to keep the areas the lunch staff works in clean. Picking up trash requires little more effort than this simple expression of gratitude in the lunchroom, but in the case of trash, students are not confronted directly with the person who is responsible for cleaning up after them. If you really want to show gratitude, show your appreciation verbally but also through recognizing the effects of your actions.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] One student’s trash is no one’s treasure

RubicOnline Staff April 22, 2022
The “picking up trash,” argument may seem childish, and it certainly isn’t glamorous, but in reality, it’s necessary to combat a disrespectful practice that still permeates the upper school.
YES WE CAN. Student activism and voluneering will help close the achievement gap, but only if there are structures put in place at a legislative level by voting adults that create the conditions for success.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Work to close the achievement gap

The Rubicon Staff March 9, 2022
As Minneapolis teachers strike for better access and support for students in the district, it's important to note that not all students have the same learning experience.
TRIPLE SELF-PORTRAIT. Art is an essential part of life. Take the time to support local arts and keep your community vibrant.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Engage with your community: support local artists

Rubicon Staff February 26, 2022
Take advantage of local art and appreciate the impact it can have.
Believing that Black lives matter means keeping the conversation in the forefront, taking positive action, and advocating for change.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Advocate for black lives. It matters.

RubicOnline Staff February 9, 2022
BLM signs on property or a sticker on a laptop is meaningless if people don’t acknowledge the significance behind this phrase.
The information regarding sex and gender have been washed together and interchanged. This mix is harmful to everyone, including people who identify with traditional binary genders.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] School policy and practice on gender creates a strong model for the broader world

The Rubicon Staff, Editorial December 14, 2021
An individual’s opinion on how they define gender in their personal life should not interfere with someone else’s ability to live their life in the way their gender is defined.
OUT-OF-CLASS. All teachers and students enjoy participating in various activities. Getting to know teachers interests, and sharing out of school experiences, can help develop meaningful relationships beyond academics.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Get to know teachers as people

The Rubicon Staff November 30, 2021
Students should take time to forge connections with faculty.
UNEARTH THE TRUTH. Thanksgiving is known for its turkey and time with family, but it is important to recognize the roots of the holiday and how it affected indigenous people.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Recognize the history of Thanksgiving and celebrate Indigenous cultures instead

RubicOnline Staff November 17, 2021
Before celebrating thanksgiving, we need to recognize the real history of the holiday and the effect it has had on indegenous people.
IT’S FINE, IT’S NOT COVID. Classmates experience discomfort when students show up with an illness, and with low immunity viruses spread quickly. Students should stay home if they are not feeling well.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Fever? Cough? Aches? Stay home.

The Rubicon Staff October 26, 2021
Anyone who displays symptoms of contagious illnesses should contact the attendance line and stay home until they have fully recovered. It’s the only choice. By not doing so, students place all members of the community at risk.
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