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GO FOR A RIDE. Biking is an excellent way to relieve stress and get outside.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Get into gear for summer

The Rubicon Staff May 25, 2021
Biking can be done anywhere, anytime, and with very little risk of contracting COVID-19.
A person’s purpose in life is not to be small. The goal should be happiness and true health.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Live a perfectly sized life and allow others to do the same

RubicOnline Staff May 17, 2021
Those who struggle with eating disorders are far from alone: in a group of 100 teens age 16-19, four females and one male will be diagnosed with an eating disorder.
Students should find points of entry into social movements that fit with their skills and what they are able to contribute.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Find productive ways to make social change

The Rubicon Staff April 28, 2021
There are so many ways young people can be a catalyst for positive change, regardless of which issues they feel most passionately about.
On the internet, information spreads like wildfire. It's important to be careful and genuine with what you post, and not think about posting about important issues as part of a checklist. Post because you care.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Inform and educate before posting

RubicOnline Staff April 24, 2021
When posting on social media, it is important to stay informed and educated before posting to stop the spread of misinformation.
If an internal voice is constantly sending messages of perfectionism, use spring break to step back and find a healthier inner voice.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Spring into a break from perfectionism

RubicOnline Staff March 22, 2021
Perfectionism plagues both the academic and social worlds. Take spring break as a chance to step back from the overwhelming need to be perfect in your life.
While there are many fish in the sea, having a few close friends helps fight loneliness and has a positive effect on overall health.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Seek quality over quantity

The Rubicon Staff March 4, 2021
You can still be kind to everyone without being close to them.
It’s true; there’s a lot to be disappointed about: the lack of normality, less human interaction, loss of jobs, and the list goes on and on. But, focus on the things you can do. This time can be used to build confidence, understand oneself, love strengths and sympathize with weaknesses.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] The glass doesn’t fill on its own

RubicOnline Staff February 18, 2021
Having an introspective and optimistic mindset can be hard, but it's important.
With the emphasis on applying and gaining admission to four year colleges at SPA, other post-high school options such as community college and military service may be overlooked or invalidated.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Don’t limit your path beyond SPA

The Rubicon Staff February 2, 2021
Sometimes the signs pointing to the four-year degree or BA/MA/PhD path drown out other options.
The divide we see between differing opinions and reactions on last Wednesday’s rioting is not a Republican Democrat split but a matter of white supremacy and ignorance.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Capitol insurrection amplifies white supremacy; every day forward is a day for change

RubicOnline Staff January 13, 2021
What happened at the Capitol goes deeper than party lines and skin color. To make sure that our democracy is never threatened, the events of Wednesday never repeated, it is time to understand history and our shortcomings.
SPA has already cycled through several different schedules since transitioning to online learning in March 2020. Each schedule seems to bring criticism for one reason or another whether it be too much screen time, not enough chances to talk to teachers, too much work, too much free time, etc.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Don’t complain; make the schedule work for you

RubicOnline Staff January 5, 2021
Rather than complaining about a schedule that can never be one size fits all, acknowledge the benefits of the connection and support offered in the schedule.
Mindful donation of clothing, toys, and other products that still have use in them benefits the environment, declutters our space, and can support others in building their own spaces.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Mindfully declutter

The Rubicon Staff December 16, 2020
As we move into Winter Break, reevaluate the space ourselves and our items hold. Ask: how can I make space for others by eliminating my own excess?
Increased state restrictions and national recommendations from the CDC send the consistent message to stay home. Each of us plays a role in keeping the community, in and outside of SPA, safe.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Validate emotions and losses, stay accountable

The Rubicon Staff November 24, 2020
It is important to not lose sight of the responsibility each individual has to the health of the St. Paul Academy community, whether at a distance or in person.
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