[WHAT’S IN MY BAG] Scholarly and prepared, Pauly is well-equipped for winter


Everything in Garrett’s bag, from calculators to sweatshirts.

Junior Garrett Pauly’s school bag is full of useful and important items that help him combat the cold Minnesota winter. He has:

1) Two pairs of gloves: “During January in Minnesota, it is super cold. I want to make sure that I am not going to be cold, so I have an extra pair just in case.”

2) Sweatshirt and hat: it’s cold with even just one layer. 

As you can tell, I am very well prepared for school.”

— Garrett Pauly

3) Pencils: “I have plenty of pencils in case I lose some. As you can tell, I am very well prepared for school.”

4) Computer charger: “People always ask me for my charger when their computer is low. So I am helping people.”

5) Textbooks: You can’t come to school without your school books. That is just being a bad student. 

6) Calculator: Obviously needed. 

7) Fancy watch: “It makes me happy.”

8) Notecards: “I use them during most of my classes in case I need to write a note down.”

All these items have a specific use and need, and each one is there for a purpose: to help Garrett get through the school day.