Upper School Council collaborates to create a new snack schedule


Martha Sanchez

Seniors Stevie Frisch and Pia Schultz and junior Gabe Ramirez grab snack. The new setup features multiple snack baskets at tables in the cafeteria.

After a series of problems with snack this year, Upper School Council leaders have collaborated with Dean Thornberry and Taher to create a system that will hopefully be more streamlined and keep snack in the cafeteria.

Snack will be offered M-Th starting at 9:25 a.m. and on Fridays starting at 10 a.m. Taher employees will put two stations inside the dining area, encouraging students to grab snack and have a seat.

Dean Thornberry commented on the thought process of the change.

“[Upper School Council] proposed an adjusted time for non-senior speech days and suggested that it be served at more than one area in the dining hall. They made good arguments for each suggestion, and I simply supported them here,” she said, “I hope that these changes enable each student to easily get their snack and eat it within the dining hall.”

Upper School Council member Rashmi Raveendran offered a student perspective on the issue.

“When I first brought the idea to the council, it originally came out of the fact that we kept getting snack canceled. We came to this decision because we thought it was an unfair consequence to a system that was already flawed in the first place. Rather than finding an actual solution to the problem, snack just kept getting canceled with no change,” Raveendran said.

I hope that these changes enable each student to easily get their snack and eat it within the dining hall.”

— Dean Thornberry

She continued to explain the expected benefits for the student body and the Taher employees.

“… if snack is placed right after class there won’t be as big of a buildup with everyone waiting to pounce at 10 a.m. because the flow of kids will be more spread out. Secondly, by moving the place where snack is offered from the dining stations to the actual dining room, we hoped it would give more space for students to get snack so there wasn’t as much chaos like it was before in a small, cramped space.”

The new snack plan will go into place this Monday. Students are expected to get snack respectfully and eat in the cafeteria.