USC prepares for Speaker Day


Tana Ososki

Maya Choi prepares for Speaker Day during the USC meeting.

Tana Ososki, Co Video Manager

Upper School Council hosts Speaker Day Apr. 22, a day of seminar focused learning on a topic. They have spent over 4 months contacting speakers, and organizing the events that the students will participate in. USC has been contacting speakers to come and talk about the theme “The Intersection of Signs and Ethics”.

Secretary of USC Rashmi Raveendran said, “Every meeting we use a big spreadsheet full of names and emails, so that we can contact all the speakers that we were interested in. The goal is to have 30 speakers come and talk to the students, the idea is that students will be able to choose what speaker they want to go listen to.”

Speaker Day happens every other year, so all the 9th graders and sophmores have not experienced it. The plan is to have countless speakers in different rooms and areas in the school. Each speaker will be talking about something different that relates to the overall theme. Some of the speakers will be Francis Shen, Max Povejsil, Amy Larson, Mark Ruchie, and countless others. Students will be able to choose what speaker they want to go and listen to, based on their interests.

Outside of listening to speakers, USC has planned events and things that students can do.

USC sophomore representative Maya Choi “We want students to be able to really see what the speakers where talking about. Instead of zoning out for the entire presentation, students will go out and do hands on work revolving around their topic”

For example they can go to the Friends of the Mississippi River, Dodge Nature, Pollinator Garden, and science teachers will be running demonstrations for students that do not want to go outside. Where the students go depends on what they filled out on the survey that they turned in before spring break.

USC sophomore representative Maya Choi said, “The reason that speaker day is so important is because it is a interactive and fun way for students to learn about real world problems, and people who have dedicated their life to fix these problems.”

All the preparation that the USC has done is leading up to the full day of learning that students will be able to experience.