Snow days: a time to relax and unwind

With the heavy workload of homework and tests, it’s nice to have a day off from school.


Tessah Green, Illustration

Snow Days create a stress free day with no homework.

Tessah Green , Staff Writer

I remember when I was younger waking up to my mom’s voice telling me that today is a snow day. I would get so excited and look out my window to see the mountains of white fluffy snow. As a kid on snow days there are endless possibilities of what to do, you can play outside, building snow forts and throwing snowballs until your face turns red and your hands feel like icicles. Then you run back inside to get warm and drink a big mug of hot chocolate as the marshmallows melt in your mouth. Or you can always stay inside cutting out snowflakes to hang up on the windows and playing hours of board games with your family.

As we grow older snow days have a whole new meaning. ”


As we grow older snow days have a whole new meaning. With the heavy workload of  homework, tests and all the stress that comes from school it’s nice to get a day off every once in a while. Students enjoy snow days because it’s a chance for them to catch up on sleep, enjoy their free time, and relax. Many students at SPA are also commuter students so it’s much safer for them to stay at home than to risk driving to school in dangerous weather.  

Due to the snow and frigid temperatures, SPA, along with many other schools, have had countless snow and cold days this winter. SPA has been closed 3 days and has had a total of 3 delayed starts this year. Snow days are a great way for students to recharge and take a day off from school. Especially because so many students are sleep deprived trying to cram in all their studying in one night or trying to finish a project the night before, snow days create a stress free day which many students need.