Students pick snow days as best memories


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Students have voted on the most memorable event of the year and the surprising yet disappointing winner is snow days, however, there were a few other events which also stood out to the school community.

Students have all voted, the results are in, and the award for the most memorable part of this 2013-2014 school year goes to… snow days? There were some contrasting opinions and ideas, but snow days was the winner. 51% of students surveyed agreed, with reasons varying from “because I caught up on sleep” to a simple “yes.”
The logic was generally sound, sleep deprivation is undoubtedly a problem among St. Paul Academy and Summit School students, but it is disappointing that, at a school where everyone is given so many incredible opportunities, students would rather be at home passed out. It is time for students to start appreciating the small things that make high school so special.
The stress that comes along with a high quality education, like the one students are receiving at SPA, does not need to make it a bad experience. “I guess having the opportunity to study for and take the APs [has been my favorite],” sophomore Sam Tipler said.
For others, athletics are sure to brighten up their days. “Basketball going to state. Because it was the first time it’s happened in the history of SPA, and it was fun with the guys. I like hanging out with them,” junior Louie Bogolub said.
The athletic aspect of homecoming was greatly appreciated. “I feel like homecoming week was really fun,” freshman Maria Perkkio said.
Junior Dean Isaacson agrees. “[The most memorable part of the year was] homecoming, because every team won. Both the football teams and the soccer team won their games,” Isaacson said.
Even if studying isn’t your strong suit and you aren’t one for athletics, there are other aspects of the high school experience to appreciate. Not everyone gets to see a boy band so wonderfully cheesy perform live (and even awkwardly serenade a few lucky audience members). “Geez, when Midnight Red came to perform. That was my favorite,” freshman John Connelly said.
Sophomore Maya Smith fondly remembers the best and most memorable part of the school year as being something so basic that we tend to overlook, despite it being essential to our survival. “I liked the food,” Smith said “They had good food at the dances, I liked dessert at lunch. I especially liked the science food we had [molecular gastronomy beet foam].”
One of the things that makes SPA so unique is the annual grade level retreats. “Junior retreat [was my favorite]. It was like the first time that our grade felt truly united. A time when we realized that we’re more similar than we think,” junior Eva Zaydman said. The junior retreat is the most anticipated (or dreaded, if you don’t want everyone to see you cry) of the retreats, but sometimes students in other grades belittle their own equally exceptional retreats because of it.
It is natural to want to sleep in, and a surprise snow day can be enjoyable, but students need to remember that there are things to look forward to at school. The SPA slogan is “Make It Amazing”, and students can and should make every school day amazing by just noticing and enjoying the little moments.