Wolfpack wins their last regular season game against Central

SMB Wolfpack displayed a striking win against Central during their last regular season game on Wednesday. The win will send the team to the playoffs. Wolfpack played against Central at The Blake School, winning 45-0. Some students from Central and SPA joined in on the fun on a cold night. But not many students attended the game.

“The game was alright because since a lot of SPA and Minnehaha students have the day off, there aren’t a lot of people here. It’s kind of upsetting that there aren’t many people here. It’s usually a lot of fun with good energy from the schools.” said junior Senai Assefa.

Even with the low fan numbers because of school break, some students still came to the game to support the Wolfpack.

“I didn’t really know anything about how good Central is, but I know [Wolfpack] is good and I just came [to the game] to support my friends on the team. I think the crowd is kind of weak, there should be more people here.” said 9th grader Addy Eby.