Senior day off: college applications & relaxing


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Lacking face-to-face interaction, students must incorporate virtual concepts into their college application process.

Martha Sanchez, RubicOnline

While juniors take the practice SAT today, seniors get the day off of school. The senior day off was implemented in an attempt to give the class of 2020 a chance to work on college applications before the first application deadline of Nov. 1.

“Our hope was to create some extra space during what we know is a busy time of year for seniors to intentionally move the ball forward with their college application process. Because the school days are so packed, we felt giving the seniors the day off was the best way to accomplish this,” US Principal Max Delgado said. Many seniors will use Wednesday to do exactly that. 

“I’m glad I get a day off,” senior Griffin Thissen said, “I can relax and work on my college application. It’s going to be fun.” 

Senior Max Soll shares Thissen’s relaxed attitude. 

“I’m going to work on my essay a little bit. Maybe play some Call of Duty,” he said. 

The fall of senior year is often one of the busiest times of a student’s high school career. Early Decision and Early Action application deadlines tend to fall around Nov. 1 while Regular Decision deadlines usually come around December to January. Because of this, other schools such as the Blake school have given seniors Wednesday off as well. While some seniors plan to stay home over the day of and following long weekend, others are using that time to visit schools across the country. 

I can relax and work on my college application. It’s going to be fun.”

— Griffin Thissen

“I’m going to Vermont,” senior Pia Schultz said, “I’m excited to look at some schools and see the fall color.” 

Senior Helen Bartlett’s break is even busier. 

“I’m going to Chicago, Texas, New Orleans and Tennessee,” she said. 

While these seniors have opted to use the day off towards its intended purpose – college work – others have decided to take a mental break from the rigor of school. For those who have chosen not to apply Early, there is still time to work on applications and visit schools. 

“I’m probably going to sleep in and then go to the football game,” senior Duncan Fleming said, “I want to take a day to relax before I start to work on my applications.”

His classmates share the same sentiment. 

“I might go see The Joker tomorrow,” senior Will Rathmanner said. 

Perhaps the most relaxed is senior Eric Bottern. 

“I’m probably just going to hang out,” Bottern said.