Vulnerability brings us happiness

Emotions give people the capability to become closer with others and discover similarities with each other. It brings people together through mutual experiences and builds trust with others, furthering a relationship.. It takes the fundamental need for humans to be part of a group and magnifies it by providing a reward system. Relating to a situation or feeling with another person triggers a reward system in the brain that encourages the person to attempt the action again. Being vulnerable with a person is freeing and can provide a release in pretenses within a relationship. Vulnerability looks different for each person. It can be acting openly with a person, or sharing parts of themselves that are specific towards them. It can be standing up for themselves, their beliefs. However, vulnerability is shown, earning the respect of others, because the other person will recognize the moments of vulnerability and their significance. The emotion helps by providing insight on other emotions. It is a gateway to other emotions like happiness, joy, sadness and anger.

Vulnerability allows us to identify and feel the emotions instead of brushing over them or disregarding them.”

Nevertheless, vulnerability allows us to identify and feel the emotions instead of brushing over them or disregarding them. Distinguishing between emotions is difficult, but the most challenging thing is the moment after experiencing vulnerability is when there is sudden silence in which anything can happen. Whether the moment will bring pain or happiness but either possibility is a good learning experience. And eventually experience is gained from that moment bringing happiness in the long run. Each vulnerable moment brings us closer together as a people, because we find things we can relate to or we figure out the reasons behind the actions. The worst decision made is not to be vulnerable. There would be a lot left unsaid, leaving a lot left unnoticed without those moments of vulnerability. It cannot be overlooked since it expands people’s view of others, reminds people of the life we all lead, and our core values are seen through our most vulnerable moments.

Being vulnerable allows us to grow, mature, and move on, and with enough repetition, the moments of vulnerability will not seem scary. This allows emotion to take a central role in others lives and will bring happiness and bring us together as a community.