Under Milkwood cast announced


Illustration by Mimi Huelster

US Theater Director Eric Severson posted the cast list for Dylan Thomas’ Under Milkwood, a show that will challenge the 33 actors cast as they take on multiple roles in a show with 67 characters.

Cast List

Isobel Alm: Mrs. Ogmore-Pritchard, Mrs. Beynon, Third Neighbour, Voice

Nathan Forsberg: Captain Cat, Old Man, Voice

Adrienne Gaylord: Rosie Probert, Mrs. Dai Bread Two, Second Neighbour, Voice

Rylan Hefner: Rev. Eli Jenkins, Mr. Pugh, Organ Morgan, Preacher, Voice

Gavin Kimmel: Cherry Owen, Willy Nilly, Voice

Grace Krasny: Lily Smalls, Mrs. Dai Bread One, First Neighbour, Voice

Maren Ostrem: Mrs. Pugh, Mog Edwards, Sinbad Sailors, Voice

Gracie Tilney-Kaemmer: Polly Garter, Mrs. Cherry Owen, Fourth Neighbour, Voice

Davyd Barchuk: Butcher Beynon, Dai Bread, Jonah Jarvis (Third Drowned), Voice

Zoey Burkhardt: Lord Cut-Glass, First Woman (Matti Richards), Voice

Kevin Chen: Utah Watkins, Curly Bevan (Fifth Drowned), Voice

Olivia Fenlon: Waldo’s Mother, Fourth Woman (Lil the Gluepot), Voice

Sevy Hayes: Mrs. Willy Nilly, Third Woman (Effie Bevan), Bessie Bighead, Voice

Per Johnson: Mr. Ogmore, Tom –Fred (Second Drowned), Voice

Jayden Jones: Mr. Waldo, Dancing Willaim (First Drowned), A Drinker, Voice

Griffin Moore: The Guidebook, Voice

Ellie Murphy: Mae Rose Cottage, Mrs. Organ Morgan, Second Woman (Dulcie Prothero), Voice

Sam Zelazo: Mr. Pritchard, Alfred Jones (Fourth Drowned), Voice

Ruby Fields: Little Girl (Little Matti), Second Boy (Johnnie Cristo), Girl’s Voices, Voice

Maggie Fried: Waldo’s Wife (Blowden Bowen), Voice

Clea Gaitas: Myfawny Price, Voice

Parisa Ghavami: Gossamer Beynon, Voice

Mimi Huelster: Mary Ann Sailors, Voice

Sila Liljedahl: Child, Girls’ Voices, Voice

Soren Miller: Nogood Boyo, First Boy (Billy), Fisherman, Voice

Maya Sachs: Evans the Death. Girl’s Voices, Voice

Eve Sampsell-Jones: Mrs. Utah Watkins, Girl’s Voices, Voice

Max Spencer: Jack Black, PC Attila Rees, Third Boy (Dicky), Voice

Rachel Swenson: Ocky Milkman, Girl’s Voices, Voice

Valerie Wick: Girl (Gwennie), Voice

Bridget Commers: Fifth Woman (Mrs. Flusher), Girls’ Voices, Voice

Ian Grewe: Little Boy (Little Waldo), Voice

Estelle Kipp: Matti Richard’s Mother, Girls’ Voices, Voice


The show will stream in mid-December.