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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The memorial plaza at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington DC.

Spend this MLK Day as a “day on”

Alexandra Cardwell, RubicOnline January 17, 2022
Rather than take the day off, spend this MLK Day furthering King's life and legacy.
TEAMWORK, DREAM WORK. Seniors Annika Brelsford, Pah Na, Grant Mortenson, Will Sedo and more, hop on Nas large blue sled together as they speed down the hill. Na said, I brought my own sled which was nice and we were able to get five people on the sled at once going down the hill. I was on top of Grant’s shoulders. I thought it was really fun, it was great to see everyone out there wiping out or chilling with their hot chocolate.

[PHOTO STORY] Outdoor Club’s Sledding Extravaganza attracts largest crowd in years

Elle Chen and Freya Brokken January 14, 2022
On Thursday, Jan. 4, Outdoors Club invited all Upper School students for sledding and hot chocolate during X period.
Using the weapon of her choice, the foil, Kim practices with a teammate.

Kim qualifies for Junior Olympics fencing team

Eliana Mann, RubicOnline January 14, 2022
Sophomore Claire Kim qualifies for the 2022 Junior Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah, representing the Spartan fencing team.
Junior Elena Sjaastad gives a pep talk during a meet against Como Park at Humboldt on Sept. 2.

Top five visuals of 2021

Kevin Chen and Henry Burkhardt January 14, 2022
These are the photos and illustrations that defined the year.
Over the past year of hard work and progress, the Rubicon Podcast has taken a big leap since day 1. Out of the many remarkable podcast stories, 5 podcasts are congratulated as the Top Podcast Stories of 2021.

Top Five Podcasts of 2021

RubicOnline Staff, RubicOnline January 12, 2022
This year, RubicOnline's podcasts were filled with compelling stories, audio, and meticulous editing.
Nathan Mann delivers his speech in front of a crowd comprised of the senior class, a handful of mixed advisories, and selected visitors. Students in grades 9-11 watched a livestream in their advisories to reduce the number of people gathered in the Huss.

Senior speeches move to hybrid

Ali Browne, RubicOnline January 10, 2022
Beginning with the 14th set of speakers, senior speeches will undergo a hybrid format for the month of January.
The plot of Don’t Look Up is simple: two astronomers discover a comet quickly rushing at earth, large enough to decimate the human species. The reaction from the United States government is reminiscent of reality.

[MOVIE REVIEW] Don’t Look Up checks all the boxes of a great movie

Elizabeth Trevathan, RubicOnline January 7, 2022
Don't Look Up, filled with a talented acting core of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, and many more satisfies viewers with a perfect combination of dramatic and a feel-good movie.
Security fencing at the Supreme Court after the Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021.

January 6, one year later

RubicOnline Staff January 6, 2022
The Capitol insurrection was an apex -- a breaking point in American politics. RubicOnline Editors reflect on what has and hasn't changed since Jan. 6, 2021.
Top five opinion and editorial stories of 2021

Top five opinion and editorial stories of 2021

RubicOnline Staff January 5, 2022
2021 was packed full of opinions. Opinions from a new president and a former president, viral posts on social media, and from The Rubicon. Here are our top five opinion stories from the last year.
Top five news stories of 2021

Top five news stories of 2021

RubicOnline Staff January 4, 2022
Through presidential elections, social justice to a fence, news writers have worked tirelessly to help keep the community informed and up to date. Here are the top 5 news stories written in 2021.
The information regarding sex and gender have been washed together and interchanged. This mix is harmful to everyone, including people who identify with traditional binary genders.

[STAFF EDITORIAL] School policy and practice on gender creates a strong model for the broader world

The Rubicon Staff, Editorial December 14, 2021
An individual’s opinion on how they define gender in their personal life should not interfere with someone else’s ability to live their life in the way their gender is defined.
HAPPY HANNUKAH. This year, Hannukah went from Nov. 28, to Dec. 6. During todays tutorial, Mishpacha hosted a schoolwide Hannukah party in the small gym to celebrate.

[PHOTO STORY] Mishpacha’s Hanukkah party helps students unwind before midterms

Elle Chen, RubicOnline December 9, 2021
During today's tutorial, Mishpacha held a Hanukkah party with food, music and games in the small gym.
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