The votes are in

The votes are in

Officer campaign speeches were held May 8. Students voted on May 9, and Dean of Students Chantal Thornberry released the results after school.

The results are in.

Committee of Community Conduct (C3)

Co-Chairs: Zach Dyar and Paige Indritz

Secretary: Audrey Egly

Upper School Council (USC)

Co-Presidents: Ananya Narayan and Liam Will

Co-Vice Presidents: Niko Liepins and Rashmi Raveendran

Secretary: Maya Choi

Treasurer: Bobby Verhey

Students Activities Committee (SAC)

Co-Presidents: Henry Cheney and Henry Vlietstra

Vice President: Sydney Therien

Secretary: Maxanne Millerhaller

Treasurer: Gavin Kimmel

Student Technology Committee (STC)

Co-Chair: Miranda Bance and Evan Barnes