Student elections mean preparation, public speaking

As the school year is coming to a close, St. Paul Academy and Summit School starts preparing for the upcoming school year with elections. Students in grades eighth to eleventh run for spots as President, Vice President, Secretary, and more depending on the council/committee they are running for. Upper School Council (USC), Committee of Community Conduct (C3), Student Technology Committee (STC), and the Students Activities Committee (SAC) are the four councils/committees that students run for every year.

The only limitation for leadership is that students have to have been a part of that council/committee for some time to run for the positions so people cannot sign up out of nowhere.

For Upper School Council, Nafisa Hagi-Aden and Bobby Verhey are running for USC treasure separately. To do this, Nafisa and Bobby have created posters and memes to put up throughout the school to promote themselves and remind people to vote for them. Before they put up these flyers, they had to be approved by Dean of Students Chantal Thornberry, which can sometimes get tough. 

Hagi-Aden said: “At first I thought it was scary to go to the Dean and ask for her approval, but after the first time, I learned that Dean Thornberry actually is really nice about approving posters or giving you feedback on what you should change.”

The Committee of Community Conduct has Zach Dyar and Paige Indritz running for Co-Chair. In some cases, a head position will be shared with two people who decide to run together instead of each person trying to battle it out to fill that one spot. Since nobody else is running for Co-Chair, Dyar and Indritz are looking to fill the spot next year and embrace their role as the Co-Chairs of C3.

Gavin Kimmel is running for SAC Treasurer. Kimmel wanted to make it a funny speech but at the same time wanted to show how much he wants the position. In preparation for his speech, Kimmel said, “I know that good speeches are the key to securing a position, because that’s what people remember.”

The Student Technology Committee has Evan Barnes and Miranda Bance running for Co-Chair. They are running uncontested.

Voting will take place during advisory tomorrow.

NOTE: The gallery of photos does not provide a complete ballot of candidates. Please see the sidebar for an up-to-date ballot.