Teachers dress up as…teachers?


Halloween was virtually everyone’s favorite holiday as a little kid. What’s not to love about it? Seemingly endless amounts of candy, especially the feeling of counting it up after hours of trick or treating, day-long costume planning, the spooky decorations that line the streets and more are all things that make up a quintessential part of childhood. 

It’s only fitting, as teens start to get a little too old for the joys that the holiday had previously brought, Halloween doesn’t have as much excitement anymore. The only thing that’s exciting about Halloween is the candy that’s on sale the day after. 

Fortunately for everyone who does not feel the same way about Halloween as they had in the past, the teachers were here to change that. Dressed up as famous teachers, they managed to bring back the joys of Halloween, namely in costume. From famous cartoons like Calvin and Hobbs to famous French historians like Michel Foucault, there was no doubt every student was familiar with a costume of one of the 35 teachers participating. 

The teachers definitely made the day more fun and exciting.”

— junior Ivan Starchook

“It was really funny,” junior Ivan Starchook said, “usually you can’t tell it’s Halloween because not many students dress up, but the teachers definitely made the day more fun and exciting.” 

Most of the teachers came dressed in the role of teachers in famous movies and TV shows, like Ms. Norbury (US Publications Adviser Kathryn Campbell), a math teacher from Mean Girls, Mr. Keating (US Math Teacher Jasper Turner) from Dead Poets Society, Walter White (US Technology Coordinator Chris White) from Breaking Bad, and Obi Wan Kenobi (US English Teacher Matt Hoven) from the Star Wars movies. 

Other ones, such as History Teacher Andrea Moerer, stayed close to their field of teaching- in Moerer’s case dressing up as famous French historian Michel Foucault. She carried around a book written by him as well. 

Another fraction of teachers dressed up as iconic teachers from cartoons. US Science Teacher Rochelle Lockridge came in as Ms. Wormwood from the classic comic Calvin and Hobbs.

Halloween was definitely an iconic one in the halls of St. Paul Academy & Summit School, and many students such as Starchook are looking forward to the second year of the tradition the teachers have now fostered.