Student-teacher relationships enrich student experience


Tristan Hitchens-Brookins

Director of Computer Science and Engineering Kate Lockwood teaching a student how to use the 3D printer.

Tristan Hitchens-Brookins, Staff Writer

The relationship between teacher and student can be beneficial to both parties because of the benefits that come along with it. The benefits may include: heightened learning capabilities of students, more self-awareness for teachers, and most of all, a more enjoyable classroom experience.

Junior Kenzie Giese and ninth grader Noah Lindeman agree that having stronger relationships with their teachers genuinely help them achieve more and be more productive during the school day.

“I have strong relationships with multiple different teachers and it makes me feel more comfortable and confident that I can talk to,” Giese said.

“Yes I do and they help me succeed and excel in and outside of the classroom,” Lindeman said.

Having at least one adult in the community that a student trusts helps make the school a more comfortable, stable, and productive place.

Director of Computer Science and Engineering Kate Lockwood and US English Teacher Philip de Sa e Silva think strong relationships makes everything more productive in the classroom.

“Yeah, I guess I like it when students are happy to be in my class. I think when a teacher is more accessible it makes everything more successful in the classroom,” Lockwood said.

“I believe that learning actually requires a great deal of trust, and when students and teachers have a relationship based on trust then that makes learning both possible and more enjoyable,” de Sa e Silva said.

Even teachers agree that things in the classroom work out better when there is a strong relationship between them that is built on trust and accessibility. That relationship in turn makes everything smoother in the classroom. While on the surface, student-teacher relationships might not have much to offer, there are many benefits that make the classroom environment more productive.