Student emails switch from Gaggle to Gmail


Netta Kaplan

Sophomore Charlie Hooley uses Google Drive to work on a history project during tutorial. “It’s a better way to get work done with a group,” Hooley said.

Changes this school year have been all around, from the new schedule to the new mission statement, but smaller changes have been made as well. Students’ school emails have been changed from Gaggle to Gmail. Aside from the more usable format, a key addition is the function of Google Drive, a place to collaboratively store and edit documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. Already, classes are embraced this new resource; debate classes use it to share evidence, math classes use it to confer about homework problems, and history classes use it for group projects.

“I like it. I’ve already done three projects with it; it’s really helpful,” sophomore Charlie Hooley said about Google Drive. “It’s a better way to get work done with a group,” he continued.