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Netta Kaplan , Managing Editor

Netta Kaplan is a junior at St. Paul Academy and Summit School and the managing editor of The Rubicon. She has prior experience on staff as both a Copy Editor and a staff writer. Outside of The Rubicon, Netta is president of the Quiz Bowl team and a class representative on Upper School Council. Netta has been an avid French student since she was eight years old and has studied both in school and at the Concordia Language Village Lac du Bois. She recently studied in France, an experience which took her to cities including Paris, Rennes, and La Rochelle. In her spare time, Netta enjoys reading, listening to music, and spending time with her dog Mindo.

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Students for Social Justice, Intercultural Club, and Poetry Aloud planned an all-student event to recognize the International Day of Peace.  Upper School students on the Randolph Campus assembled on the front lawn Sept. 22 to form a human peace sign for the second year in a row. Senior Bella Martinez read “No Flowers for Terrorists,” by Linda Lerner. Dozens of students joined to honor and observe this day of global peace. “I had fun reading the poem,” Martinez said, “because it felt significant.”


October 12, 2014
Sophomores Ella Hommeyer, Lukas Kelsey-Friedemann, and Liza Bukingolts stands next to a pallet of boxes of tortillas they packed during their service trip to Second Harvest Heartland. “I think it’s fun because I did tortilla packing last time I was here,” Bukingolts said.


March 12, 2014
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