Spice, spice, baby: exploring fall flavors

Tana Ososki, RubicOnline

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When thinking about the fall season, most people think of Halloween. With Halloween comes pumpkins and pumpkin spice. Carved pumpkins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice hot chocolate, Dairy Queen pumpkin pie Blizzard, pumpkin shape sugar cookies, pumpkin spice bagels, and so much more. A pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks is a known seasonal classic. But there are more flavors to be explored during the fall season. So why stick with the same old pumpkin spice?

Apple is a classic fall flavor. Millions of people visit apple orchards in the fall—they pick apples and either eat them fresh or make delicious baked goods for their family and friends. Families can make a glass of fresh apple cider on a fall day, and warm apple cider will warm you up on a chilly autumn evening. Apple cinnamon cupcakes, freshly-baked apple pie, and homemade apple sauce are delicious alternatives to pumpkin-flavored treats.

There are more flavors to be explored during the fall season.”

The pear harvest happens between August and October, making this fruit another great option for the fall menu. Pear flavor tastes great with a variety of spices, including cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla. Whether you make pear cider, pear crumble, or fancy poached pears, this fall fruit is simply delicious.

Maple-bacon cupcakes, anyone? Maple syrup is hot, sticky and delicious, and it can be spread over pancakes and waffles on any lazy weekend. Maple has recently become more popular thanks to delicious concoctions like maple spice lattes and maple syrup cocktails.

Chai combines flavors like cardamom, clove, and cinnamon. To make chai tea, the spices are added to a strong cup of black tea and mixed with creamy milk. The result is a warm, soothing beverage that’s perfect to sip on a crisp day. Chai flavoring isn’t just for tea. It can be added to everything from cookies to ice cream to pancakes. It is a delicious flavor with a little bit of spice for anyone.

This season, try exploring some of the delicious fruits, nuts, and spices that make autumn a special time of year. Think about going out of your comfort zone this season to find a new favorite flavor.