PHOTO GALLERY: Support-a-Family gift wrapping party features Acapella performance

Amidst lunch tables covered in gifts and wrapping paper, Christmas music, and loud chatter, the student acapella club performed Silent Night during the Dec. 6 Support a Family gift wrapping party. While advisories pooled resources to purchase the gift-list of a family in need, the club rehearsed their piece to contribute to the holiday spirit of the final event.

“Support a Family is really, really excellent. I wish that there would have been more of an outlet for Acapella to perform, just so it could have some more focus because there’s a lot of chaos right now, but it’s nice, it’s a nice environment because everybody here is choosing to be part of it. It’s not a school mandatory thing, and it was nice that Acapella could spice that up,” said Acapella member Ethan Asis.