[PHOTO GALLERY] Winter spirit week encourages themed dress-up

For the first time, in the week leading up to the winter dance, Student Activities Committee created a spirit week. The committee decided on the themes and communicated them to the community via email and Instagram. The spirit week was instituted in an attempt to generate hype for the winter dance and the Boys varsity basketball game vs. Blake on Friday. On Monday, students were encouraged to dress up in monochrome outfits. Hallways were packed with many all grey outfits – or “groutfits” – as well as a variety of other colors. Tuesday marked “athletic day,” which many took as an opportunity to showcase their favorite player’s or teams’ jerseys. Wednesday was “flannel day,” where many students and teachers sported lumberjack-inspired flannel shirts. Thursday was “denim day.” Denim day was taken to various levels with some students simply wearing jeans and others dressed in the classic “Canadian tuxedo” look. Friday was the culmination of spirit week. Students celebrated “winter day” by dressing up in winter coats and ski goggles. With spirit week passed, students now look forward to the rivalry basketball game and the culminating winter dance at St. Paul’s Town and Country Club.