How to be Single provides a good comedy experience

Lauren Boettcher, News Editor

In a hilarious response to Valentine’s Day, Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson star as Alice and Robin in How To Be Single

Alice is a dreamer, fresh out of college. She decides to take time off from her long term boyfriend to figure out how to live on her own before a larger commitment, like marriage. She starts working at a new law firm in NYC, and meets Robin, the go-getter who spends her nights partying away in different bars and clubs and is completely content with being single.

The movie overall is hilarious, the jokes come often and are easy to comprehend. And there’s enough heartfelt material and plot development for viewers to leave feeling like they’ve had a complete movie experience. However, that doesn’t mean this movie is anything more than a comedy. That was how it was designed, and that how it plays out on screen. 3/5