Halloween bonding: seniors and lower schoolers carve pumpkins

Seniors made their way to the Goodrich campus Monday morning to participate in the annual pumpkin carving activity with lower school students.

The oldest students were split into groups on the Goodrich campus and assigned kindergarten students to work with. The seniors handled the cutting knives and worked collaboratively to make jack-o-lantern designs mostly drawn by the kindergarten students.

Senior Sonia Ross remarked on the positive carving energy. “It was really wholesome,” she said, “it made me happy.”

Seniors who have attended SPA since kindergarten felt a joyful reconnection with their time in the building. Justin Troth said, “It was really cool to see the lower school and my old classrooms after so many years.”

To the amusement of many, a sheet of paper with the Class of 2022’s kindergarten photos was passed around.

After the carving festivities ended, seniors went to recess with their pumpkin carving groups.

Senior James Montague also reflected positively on the experience, adding his appreciation for getting to connect with younger students. “I really enjoyed getting the chance to converse with the kindergartens, it was really fun to get to know them and think back to when I was their age,” said Montague.

Senior Will Sedo also enjoyed his carving experience and shared his appreciation for this event during pandemic times. “I’m really glad we were able to do this tradition this year despite the COVID concerns,” he said, “I had so much fun getting to bring [the lower school student]’s pumpkin carving ideas to life.”

With no injuries or other pumpkin disasters, the only setback of the morning was a delayed bus back to the Upper Campus.