Even as privileges begin, freshmen remain in study hall


Gitanjali Raman

Freshmen Anna Commers, Noa Carlson, Lauren Datta, and Eva Garcia do homework during period 3 study hall. “I’m really fine with it. study halls help me to manage my time better and get stuff done,” freshman Jasper Salverda said.

Lexi Hilton, Staff Writer

From time to time, upperclassmen reminisce to silent Lecture Room study halls, then sigh in relief that they have free periods now.

In years past, students with GPAs higher than 3.5 got free periods second semester. When the freshman returned from Winter Break, freshman did not get the free periods they expected. “They didn’t tell us anything, we just didn’t get them,” freshman Sophia Rose said. “It’s just frustrating because I was looking forward to having a free period. That was my motivation.”

The required freshman study halls have always brought mixed feelings – some students appreciate having a quiet, structured space to get their work done, while others find themselves antsy to get out of the silent confined area to take breaks in their studying or work where they want.

“I didn’t even realize” freshman Peter Kilborn said, about the possibility of a second semester study hall release.

“I wouldn’t have gotten it anyway, though, if it depended on having a 3.5 GPA,” freshman Connor Brattland said.

As students accepted and adjusted to the change, they also began to not mind as much. “I’m really fine with it,” freshman Jasper Salverda said. “Study halls help me to manage my time better and get stuff done.”