Athletes struggle with shrinking the school


Simon Assefa

Students gather in Huss at 3:oopm after their last class of the day. “Their is no where else to go,” said ninth grader Aaron Lindeman.

Security has been closing sections of the building after 3:30 p.m. and pushing everyone into Huss after 5 p.m. since Sep., making it difficult for many student-athletes to get their bags after practices and games. “It’s not reasonable to close off these big parts of the school,” \ninth-grader Aryun Nemani said.

 Closing the building is a plan organized by security to keep students safe and to make the jobs of security more manageable. After 3:30 p.m. Schilling Center and Thompson Wing are closed, and after 5 p.m., everyone who isn’t involved in school activity has to be in Huss center. “It makes our job easier and helps keep everyone in the building safe,” security officer Rodney Wilson said.

Even though there are a lot of positives for shrinking the school, student-athletes have had a harder time accessing their belongings. 

I don’t want to take my bag into the rain and ruin my books.”

— Aryun Nemani

Junior Aman Rahman said, “It doesn’t make sense; we play sports until 6:30 p.m and we have nowhere to change.”

 Since people are worried about their belongings getting damaged in the harsh weather outside, they leave their things inside. After their sports, which usually ends at 6 p.m., they come back to their rooms locked and their belongings locked inside. In addition to keeping people in Huss after 5.p.m that also closes the locker rooms. For many people, the locker is an essential part of the school. Closing might make it harder for people to get around the building after hours.

Many students find this unreasonable while the security and facility find this a safe and easy way to keep people in a watchful eye. As the fall sports wind to a close and winter sports are going to start up it’s going to be harder security to close off the building.

Henry Burkhardt
Security closes down parts of the school in order to keep the students in a smaller area they can easily watch.

This story has been updated to accurately reflect the title of security officers