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Catherine Braman

Catherine Braman


Catherine Braman is a Junior at St. Paul Academy and Summit School. Catherine served as Online EIC for first semester 2014 and was a co-Sports Editor in 2013-14.  Catherine likes to spend her free time walking her Yorkie Poodle, Briggs, and likes to spend time with her family. The youngest of two children,...

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Gitanjali Raman

Gitanjali Raman

2013-2014, 2014-2015, 2015-2016

Gitanjali Raman is a member of the senior class at St. Paul Academy and Summit School. Gitanjali is currently Online Managing Editor, and has served in the past as a Copy Editor, Feature Editor and Staff Writer. While Gitanjali loves journalism, she makes time for other hobbies as well, including Bharatanatyam,...

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US Announcements: Congratulate the BVS team for defeating Academy of Holy Angels yesterday! (Specifically Ben Braman)

October 17, 2012

Lunch: Four Cheese Mac and Cheese, Buttered Corn, Stuffed Pork Loin with Garlic Cream, Chicken Noodle Soup, Waldorf Salad 1. The Book Fest committee was pleased to have several submissions this year...

The painting is a translated version of a graph Garcia created from data collected by SPA’s admissions office and provided by Dr. Naomi Taylor, Director of Intercultural Life.

[ART REVIEW] Garcia critiques lack of student diversity through art installation

Mimi Huelster, RubicOnline May 19, 2021
In her painting SPA by the Numbers, Garcia uses SPA’s diversity statistics to create a piece reflecting the cost of racial homogeneousness, especially in educational settings.

[TV REVIEW] Rutherford Falls balances hilarity with depth of Native American characters

Mimi Huelster, RubicOnline May 11, 2021
“I feel like Native people have always known that we’re funny,” Teller Ornelas said in an interview with Glamour.
[SPA CULTURE] Ep. 3: Talking Literature of Resistance with Minoff and Morrisette

[SPA CULTURE] Ep. 3: Talking Literature of Resistance with Minoff and Morrisette

Lynn Reynolds, RubicOnline May 2, 2021
The Literature of Resistance class recently had a project where students thought about what resistance means to them.
Junior Ceci Watson participated in the Memory Project. During X-period, she wrote her postcard in the Redleaf Commons.

Memory Project honors student voices during a historic time

Elle Chen, Production Manager April 30, 2021
Today during X- Period, English teachers Kristen Collier and Amanda Minoff opened up the first leg of the Memory Project for all US students.
Extracurricular activities cannot be placed on a level of comparison with topics like racial injustice, climate change, women’s rights issues, and equality for the LGBTQ+ community, but that does not mean that they do not matter to the student body.

Protest-related school policies need to change

Ali Browne, Staff Writer April 29, 2021
Although it is important to acknowledge that even having a policy related to protests and rallies is a big deal, that does not mean that the administration should stop now.
(From left) Senior Evelyn Lillemoe, senior Aman Rahman, junior Ellie Murphy, and senior Gavin Kimmel sit in a minute of silence in honor of police brutality victim Daunte Wright.

Student protest organizers dissatisfied with admin response

Mimi Huelster, Staff Writer April 19, 2021
Students walked out of class today to honor Daunte Wright, support the Black Lives Matter movement, and voice dissapointment with administration.
Faculty offers workshop sessions for students to engage with race

Faculty offers workshop sessions for students to engage with race

News in Brief April 19, 2021
Students are expected to attend at least one session this week talk about systemic racism, history, and social justice.

Looking forward into fashion: here are our predicted trends for 2021

Lara Cayci, RubicOnline March 16, 2021
As the new year begins to take foot, there are many old trends from 2020 that are going to get out of style while previously disliked trends will become popular.
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