What do your initials say about you?

Initials play a role in who we are. They represent names – unique titles by which people are represented in the world. Students were asked to draw their initials then describe what they said about their personality, family and history.  To some students, such as sophomore Evan Thissen, initials are playful anecdotes that represent personality.

“ET means extraterrestrial because I’m so out of this world in every aspect of my life,” Thissen said.

To others, initials are remembrances of family history that make up the students today. Junior Thomas Kuriscak was named after his uncle. The family name is significant for Kuriscak because of how he remembers his uncle.

ET means extraterrestrial because I’m so out of this world.”

— Evan Thissen

“My uncle is a hero because he died saving a kid from drowning,” Kuriscak said.

But initials don’t only serve history, they greatly impact the present as well.

“I think it’s pretty cool because a lot of people have the same first name as me and it’s brought the Toms together,” Kuriscak said, “now I know every Thomas in the school.”