[THROUGH THEIR EYES] Ep. 2: Do you believe in ghosts?

Mitchell: Hi, I’m Alison Mitchell, the host of Through Their Eyes, a podcast that shares the stories that shape perspective. For this month’s episode, I interviewed Laura Kimmel and Lorenzo Good about whether or not they believe in supernatural beings.

Kimmel: I’m Laura Kimmel, I’m in ninth grade and I use she/her pronouns.

Good: I’m Lorenzo Good, uh, I’m in tenth grade and I use he/him pronouns.

Mitchell: Do you believe in ghosts or supernatural beings?

Kimmel: Yeah.

Good: No.

Mitchell: If you do, why, if you don’t, why not?

Kimmel: Because, like, when you die, your soul is like, still there, and like, I feel like they’re just definitely real. I don’t think I have a logical reason, they just are.

Good: Because there is no logical reason for them to exist.

Mitchell: Um, have you ever had an encounter with a supernatural being or ghost?

Kimmel: Oh my god, yeah!

Mitchell: Okay, tell the story!

Kimmel: Alright, so basically, my house is like, really old, and, one time, like when I was younger, there were a bunch of times, like, my window shades would just roll up. They’re the ones where like you pull them and they roll up. They would do that a lot. And then sometimes my doors would just like, open.

Mitchell: That’s freaky.

Kimmel: Yeah.

Mitchell: Okay, have you [Lorenzo] ever had what you believed to be a supernatural encounter or no?

Good: No.

Mitchell: Have you ever, have there ever been any like, ghost stories or any other scary stories that you found to be incredibly convincing?

Kimmel: Every ghost story. There’s like, they all could like, I like, yeah, that could totally happen.

Good: When I was little I used to think that Bloody Mary was real, for like a year.

Kimmel: Oh it totally is [real]!

Mitchell: Why do you think that some people believe in ghosts or other supernatural elements?

Kimmel: I feel like if it’s like, people that believe that like there’s something, there’s like you know, like, the afterlife, and they have like, you can either- I feel like ghosts, like, when you die, you have a choice. You can go to like, the afterlife and like, heaven or whatever, or you can be a ghost. And, I don’t know, I think there’s just like specific types of people [that believe in ghosts], you know?

Mitchell: Why do you [Lorenzo] think that some people believe in ghosts or other supernatural things?

Good: Uh, as an explanation for things, that they don’t uh, that they don’t have reasoning for, so they come up with a reason for it.

Mitchell: Do you think that ghosts can like, haunt people, or like why do you think that they do what they do?

Kimmel: Oh, totally.

Mitchell: Just for fun?

Kimmel: Um, I feel like, it could be just for fun. Like, but, me personally, if I died I would like, haunt someone that I really don’t like, or maybe like, someone I have beef with, um, or like, my friends, just to see what they do after I die. I think it’s just like if they have like, some unresolved thing, you know, they’re gonna wanna like, figure it out.

Mitchell: Do you think, should people believe in ghosts or supernatural beings?

Kimmel: Yeah. I think they should, gotta be aware of that.

Good: Uh, it’s up to the individual person, but I don’t think so.

Mitchell: Once again, I’m Alison Mitchell, and thanks for listening to this episode of Through Their Eyes. Make sure to check out previous episodes located in the podcast section of the Rubiconline, and stay tuned for next month’s episode.

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