[The 5] Violent crime rate increase, TikTok ban averted, death of Ginsburg, new findings on Venus, and more



Violent crime rates in Minneapolis have soared this summer. The city’s violent crime rate has increased by 17% from a previous five-year average for this period. There are more recorded incidents occurring in prosperous neighborhoods that rarely experience this type of crime while also continuing in the poorer areas of the city.

(Source: Star Tribune)

Last Friday, Biden and President Trump both visited Northern Minnesota to campaign for early voters. Biden visited Duluth while Trump was stationed in Bemidji. Both candidates expressed their economic and COVID-19 policies and visions for the future of America.

(Source: USA Today)


On Sep. 18, at age 87, Supreme Court’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg died of pancreatic cancer. As the second woman to serve on the Supreme Court and an advocate of women’s rights, RBG was a beloved public official and influential woman to all of America. Due to RBG’s death, there is speculation and confusion as to what may happen in the Supreme Court for the upcoming election.

(Source: The New York Times)

After President Trump announced he was planning to ban TikTok and WeChat off the App Store on Sep. 20, a new deal emerged that Trump has agreed to. A US tech company called Oracle is planning to partner with Walmart to form a new TikTok, called TikTok Global, which will be managed in the US. TikTok as of right now is not going to be banned in the US.

(Source: NPR)


On Monday (Sep. 14), an international team of astronomers found the presence of phosphine (a chemical signature) in Venus’s atmosphere, that was possibly created by living organisms. This suggests that there may be some sort of living organisms present on Venus.

(Source: Washington Post)