Team Instagramers: Social media keeps fans connected


@spartan_ultimate Official Instagram

The official Instagram page of the popular spring sport Ultimate Frisbee.

For years social media accounts have allowed users to share, like, and follow things that are important to them. Whether it is a popular musician, professional sports team or friend social media keeps users connected to things that matter to them.

Recently Instagram has become an outlet for users to follow their favorite sports teams or academic clubs. Multiple teams on the SPA campus have created Instagram accounts and use them to share their progression throughout the season or to get fans to come to competitions. The successful SMB Wolfpack Instagram account posts dress up days before games and shares photos from the season as well as using their story for polls when wanting fan feedback. “I love following the SMB wolfpack Instagram account because it keeps me updated on the game times and dress up themes for games. Overall, the account has a lot of spirit and is really fun to follow because you can always look back at old posts when the season is over,” said junior Mia Litman.

The Spartan Ultimate frisbee team grew substantially this spring and looks forward to a promising season. Naturally, the increased interest in the spring sports option came with the creation of an Instagram @Spartan_ultimate. The account has already racked up 117 followers with the season yet to begin. “I decided to follow the spartan ultimate Instagram because it is still a newer team at SPA and I wanted to see what they were all about,” said junior Kieran Singh.

While team Instagram accounts can be a fun way to follow your favorite high school sports teams, they are also used by clubs to relay important communal information. Community Action and Service has joined team Instagramers with their Instagram account @cas_spa relaying information about service and bake sales alongside popular Spartan Robotics @spartan_robotics with nearly 500 followers sharing videos on their innovation.