Fifth day of Homecoming brings tough competitions and lots of laughter

The gym filled up as excited students and faculty waited for the Pep Fest to begin. Seniors were seated on one side of the gym; the rest of the student body was spread out on the other side.

The Pep Fest started with SAC co-presidents Ali Browne and Hobbs Lillygreen welcoming everyone. The first event during the Pep Fest was the final ping pong game, where juniors Baasit Mahmood and Maik Nguyen played against seniors Rio Cox and Maverick Wolff. The juniors ended up winning in a competitive match.

The next event that took place was the final dodgeball game, where The Drakes, a team of sophomores, went up against Graduation, a team of seniors, and competed for first place. Graduation won, but The Drakes held up a good fight. Graduation then went on to play the ultimate competition, the faculty.

The faculty was introduced loud and proud, and the game began. Graduation worked quickly to eliminate the faculty, and after about two minutes, they were declared the winners.

The Pep Fest continued with grade relays where grades battled each other in a series of races. The senior class ended up winning the relays, but everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves in the end.

The next challenge was a version of musical chairs, where one captain from each fall sports team raced to retrieve random objects from the audience and raced back to sit down in one of the chairs. Each captain has a helper from the audience, but the trick is there is no speaking allowed. This year the Girl’s Volleyball team took home the victory.

The final event of the Pep Fest is a long-time tradition at SPA, the Spartan Beat! Senior Tommy Verhey led everyone in chanting the beat this year.