Peer helpers say bittersweet goodbye


Lynn Reynolds

A member of Peer Helpers makes bags filled with candy and a positive message.

Bags full of candy and papers with positive messages and dad jokes went home in the hands of most upper school students today. Being the last day of in-person learning until January 19, the Peer Helpers program said goodbye with Sour Punch Straws and jokes such as “What do dentists call their x-rays? Tooth pics.”
In the midst of a global pandemic, mental health is really important. Peer Helpers is an elected-selected group that has always run deep in the St. Paul Academy & Summit School environment. “I think that their efforts during COVID-19 are applaudable, as someone who is a senior it’s reassuring what they’re doing to help with this transition,” said senior Seai Assefa
Going back into intensive distance learning can be tough, especially if it is the second time doing so. Earlier today, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced additional restrictions. Daily case rates are up to as high as 5,908 as of November 8 compared to the 25 on March 25, when Walz announced the first stay at home order. Senior Addie Morrisette, who is also a member of Peer Helpers, hopes that their efforts will not go unnoticed: “We’re trying to send people off with a little positivity in these next coming months which are probably going to be hard for a lot of people as COVID-19 is getting very bad and we’re not going to be at school.”