Leave unhealthy resolutions in 2020

Resolutions can be an amazing thing if they are used in a responsible way.


Tana Ososki

Resolutions are most likely going to end in disappointment. There is no positive outlook to work for the benefit of your own doubts.

Resolutions have become traditions in American society, something customary that comes naturally with the New Year. From extreme goals such as travelling to new counties to small reminders like drinking enough water and taking daily vitamins, resolutions encourage individuals to reach new heights in their lives.

If a resolution is not out of reach and is something attainable that will improve you as a person, then go for it.”

There can be damage when a resolution causes unnecessary stress or disappointment in oneself. It’s important to be self-aware, and make attainable but challenging goals to practice. Resolutions should not be abstract, out-of-reach things.

There are countless examples of this, for example trying to be healthier.

Many people write in their resolutions: “I want to lose weight this year,”, “I want to be prettier,.” “I want to get all A’s.”

These resolutions are most likely going to end in disappointment. One will never truly feel pretty if they do not have that confidence to begin with. You can set external goals when you have not yet made those changes internally. Maybe for the first semester they get all A’s but as the year progresses they slowly get a B. There is no positive outlook, working for the benefit of your own doubts.

Nabela Noor, an influencer & beauty activist preaching self-love and positivity made her own template on New Year’s resolutions in attempts to make them more optimistic and less stress inducing. She decided to start off the resolution with something that she is proud of and go off that positive move into a hope pertaining to the same subject.
For example:
“This past year I did an amazing job at looking at the positives in my life, this year I hope to continue having a positive outlook,” or, “this is great because it gives a compliment instead of only focusing on the negative and what needs to change.”

Even just starting the resolution with “I hope…” , or “I will try my best too…” is so much more forgiving than “I must…” The New Year is not about placing restrictions and rules on oneself, but being presented with an opportunity to grow, and slowly following through with it. It is a given that there will be setbacks.

Resolutions can be an amazing thing if they are used in a responsible way. By focusing on the positive and giving yourself a challenge you can work to better yourself every year. But when they are taken too far, or they are set up to disappoint they can be extremely harmful. One thing to remember in 2021 is to be gentle and accepting of yourself no matter what.