Indigenous People’s Day assembly rescheduled

No one expected to have a free X-Period on Monday, but after congregating in the Huss Center and waiting five minutes for a speaker, Intercultural Club leaders dismissed students and concluded the planned assembly.

In an e-mail to the community, Director of Intercultural Life Naomi Taylor wrote, “The Office of Intercultural Life and Student Leaders of Intercultural Club (IC) apologizes for unforeseen circumstances that did not permit us to have our all-school Indigeoneous Peoples’ Day assembly today.

The assembly has been rescheduled for tomorrow’s X-Period.

The speaker, Kitto, will use the time “to talk about my urban native experience, how it shaped me and my worldview” along with his work in Dakota language revitalization, according to Taylor’s note. He will also share how his indigeneity impacts his music.

US students had the opportunity to submit questions prior to the assembly and will talk in advisory groups on Wednesday using guiding resources from IC.