[ILLUSTRATED INTERVIEW] Bishop: a day in the life

In this episode of A Day in the Life, senior Kathleen Bishop takes readers through her day.

“Usually, I wake up with my alarm at about 7 o’clock if it’s a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday when I don’t have Summit Singers. Then I will snooze my alarm till about 7:10 a.m. Then I’ll snooze it again till about 7:20 a.m. Sometimes I snooze it again till 7:25 a.m.”

“Then I get up. I put my clothes on, I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, get all ready. I go downstairs and try to grab breakfast. Usually, I don’t have time to sit down and make myself breakfast because I got out of bed at like 7:30 a.m. So I try to get some fruit or a protein bar, or even a smoothie, which is the best.”

“Sometimes I get a ride with my parents on their way to work and sometimes I walk. The walk to school is only about ten minutes so it’s not that bad and I kind of like it. Then I go through my classes. Sometimes during my free periods I go to Caribou. I like working there. It’s nice.”

“After school, I either have hockey, volleyball, or softball. I’ll go to one of those, then I’ll get back and have dinner with my family, which is currently my parents because my siblings are out of the house. Then hopefully I don’t have tons of homework because I do a lot of homework at school. Sometimes I’ll either do my homework or watch some TV, then get ready and go to bed.”