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The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School

The Rubicon

Meghan Joyce

Meghan Joyce, Chief Visual Editor

Meghan Joyce serves as the Chief Visual Editor for The Rubicon. Meghan is a senior at St. Paul Academy and Summit School, and this is her third year on The Rubicon staff. In past years, she served as the Arts & Entertainment Editor and as a staff writer. She loves photography, journalism, travelling, rock climbing, and baguettes. During the summer, Meghan can be found volunteering at the ReelAbilities Film Festival and at the National Wheelchair Sports and Recreation Camp, helping people with disabilities to defy societal expectations and share their thoughts on disability and ableism through film. Meghan continues to fight for human rights in the school year as the project manager of Students for Social Justice, where she coordinates fundraisers. In her final year here, Meghan looks forward to helping craft a visually and textually stunning volume of The Rubicon.

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“With my daughter right now, I’m reading her Calvin and Hobbes — the whole series — so we’re having a good time with that, she likes that a lot… I take her at least twice a year to comic book conventions. And she’s bored, when she goes. My hopes is that in time, she’ll get exposed to it. She went through the rebellious phase where she didn’t like superheros, but when pressed, she will watch Justice League with me. I would like her to at least know a lot about comic books, if not enjoy them,” Dean of Students Max Delgado said.

Humans of SPA: Max Delgado

Meghan Joyce, Chief Visual Editor
November 18, 2015
“When I was teaching in San Francisco, one of my students who was not passing my class - a kid named Miguel - came up to me one time, and he wanted to give me a letter. And the letter thanked me for not giving him a passing grade, because he for the first time took it seriously that he needed to work hard. So we’re talking about what he could do to improve, and we just had one of these sort of random conversations, and he said ‘what do you do when you’re not here?’ and I said ‘well I build boats, and I bind books, and occasionally I make beer.’ He goes, ‘oh, you make beer? My dad does that sometimes, cool.’ And he begins talking about his favorite beer. Now, this is a junior, and he’s not old enough to drink beer. So I’m in a classroom after school, having a conversation with an underage kid about his favorite beer, explaining why while he should not be drinking any beer, the beer he has chosen is probably not worth it, Upper School English teacher Randall Findlay said.

Humans of SPA: Randall Findlay

Meghan Joyce, Chief Visual Editor
November 10, 2015
“One time, I really had to fart. But we were in the middle of a test, and the room was completely quiet. So I’m asking [myself], ‘what do I do?’ and I decided - I had a really gigantic textbook next to me - and I decided that if I dropped the textbook at the same time that I farted, no one would hear me. My timing was off,” junior Emily Schoonover said.

Humans of SPA: Emily Schoonover

Meghan Joyce, Chief Visual Editor
October 23, 2015
“Being forever alone [is my greatest fear]. It’s a terrible fear, I know. If I was stuck in a room full of butterflies, that wouldn’t work out too well either. I’m extremely afraid of butterflies,” freshman Gabby Harmoning said.

Humans of SPA: Gabby Harmoning

Meghan Joyce, Chief Visual Editor
October 4, 2015
“My proudest moment would probably be 8th grade Quiz Bowl Nationals when our team placed 7th in middle school nationals… we had been doing it [Quiz Bowl] since 6th grade and I knew that after that year, I would be switching schools. It was kind of a send off for me and the rest of the team, because a lot of us were leaving. It was our crowning achievement before we all went our separate ways,” junior Cole Staples.

Humans of SPA: Cole Staples

Meghan Joyce, Chief Visual Editor
October 2, 2015
“My greatest fear is losing people that I love, and also my dreams. My dreams freak me out sometimes, because they really penetrate the things that make me nervous, and when I wake up… I don’t want to go back to sleep,” freshman Isa Saaverda-Weis.

Humans of SPA: Isa Saaverda-Weis

Meghan Joyce, Chief Visual Editor
September 30, 2015
A model poses in online fashion retailer Nasty Gal’s Dyspnea Mutha Fluffa Feather Dress, which retails for $583, and is described on their website as “over-the-top in all the right ways.” Junior Sabrina Brown cited it as the weirdest thing she has ever seen for sale online.

Online shopping provides entertainment

Meghan Joyce, Arts & Entertainment Editor
May 8, 2015
Junior Miriam Tibbetts poses for the National Day of Silence on Apr. 17 with a finger over her mouth. This action symbolizes the quiet that is used to make a bigger sound. The face paint shows support for the LGBTQ+ community. “It’s important to use Day of Silence to pay tribute to those who have been silenced, to help show people they aren’t alone in feeling silenced, and encourage change to help people regain their voices,” senior GSA Co-President Maggie Clark said.

Day of Silence: Quiet makes noise

Meghan Joyce, Chief Visual Editor
May 5, 2015
The T-shirt design for the class of 16 by junior Meghan Joyce.

Junior class anticipates retreat

Meghan Joyce, Chief Visual Editor
April 29, 2015
USC placed free tampons and pads into the senior hall girls bathroom.

Free tampons make it to girls’ bathrooms

Meghan Joyce, Arts & Entertainment Editor
April 20, 2015

[Photo] Eva Gross

Gitanjali Raman, Social Media Editor
March 11, 2015
Ongoing brain research shows a connection between new learning and brain health:  Even if we cannot compare three months of intensive language study with a lifetime… there is a lot to suggest that learning languages is a good way to keep the brain in shape,” lead researcher Johan Mårtensson said.

Language learning stimulates and enlarges the brain

Meghan Joyce, Arts & Entertainment Editor
January 2, 2015
standing in solidarity with Ferguson, seniors Aliza Rahman, Mansuda Arora, Asad Masood, and Alexis Irish raise their hands to sybolize the common rally cry “ Hands up, don’t shoot.”

Hands up, don’t shoot: Brown’s death sparks controversy

Meghan Joyce, Arts and Entertainment Editor
December 20, 2014
The girls basketball team  works on shooting during captains practice on Nov 11.  I think the team goal is just to get our groove and stick with it,” sophomore Lea Moore said.

Girls Basketball ready for a solid season

Meghan Joyce, Arts & Entertainment Editor
December 3, 2014
Junior Karsten Runquist swims the butterfly during a meet in the 2013-2014 season. “There’s a lot of teasing and making fun of but By the end of every season its like a big family, which is more important than anything to us,” Runquist said.

Swim team’s numbers keep them closer, stronger

Meghan Joyce, Arts & Entertainment Editor
December 2, 2014
Students are not aware of alternatives to going to see the school nurse: “If there’s a real health crisis, there are lots of people around who are able to step in,” Upper School Principal Chris Hughes said.

Students remain unaware of nurse alternatives

Meghan Joyce, Arts & Entertainment Editor
November 4, 2014
SPA volleyball teams raise awareness and money for breast cancer.

Volleyball teams dig pink

Meghan Joyce, Arts and Entertainment Editor
October 11, 2014
After months of planning, the rain garden is finally in place, ready to fight pollution. “That hole usually gets a lot of gross, muddy water after it rains or if snow is melting. So it will be good there, because it will get the excess water, junior Ora Hammel said.

Rain garden helps minimize urban runoff

Meghan Joyce, Arts and Entertainment Editor
October 10, 2014
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