Holmes pursues passion for politics and social issues


Ivy Raya

Senior Evan Holmes uses his work with the Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America to address and make progress regarding issues that matter to him like healthcare accessibility and police reform.

Upset with the current political state? Feeling helpless about what to do? Senior Evan Holmes combats this by pursuing his political passion and working with the Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America.

Holmes got involved with the DSA his sophomore year, and through this work, he realized he likes challenging the local government to foster change. What first started on a whim turned into a full-fledged passion when Holmes realized the impact he can have by working with political campaigns to elect leaders that align with his ideals and believe in fighting against social inequality.

He completes phone banking and outreach to members of the Twin Cities DSA community about political activism by working with families within the area and offering support and educational resources. Holmes also reaches out to long-term members and introduces them to different branches. The work he does targets getting DSA-endorsed candidates elected to the city council, the organization has gotten several elected to Minneapolis and Saint Paul City. Recently, six candidates endorsed by the DSA won their races. Most notable is state House Rep. Athena Hollin.

In addition to seeking solutions to issues he is passionate about and promoting DSA-endorsed candidates, Holmes is attentive and listens to issues that matter to those who he talks to when he does phone banking. He takes pride in playing a role in hearing the concerns of his community and being someone people feel they can talk to.

Finding community through activism has been inspirational for how I hope to lead my life once I leave SPA by continuing to fight for my beliefs and socialist politics.

— Evan Holmes

Holmes finds that his work in the campaign allows him to help address his own concerns about the community and made strides toward positive changes. The lack of safety in the cities concerns him, along with the internal biases in the policing force. “The police system needs to be restructured by reallocating funds toward mental health workers and removing protections against officers that commit violent offenses,” Holmes said.

Holmes’s devotion to fighting for equality has also motivated him to join other organizations and to seek opportunities to stand up for what he believes in beyond his work with the DSA. “Once Roe v. Wade was overturned, it motivated me to sign up to volunteer for Planned Parenthood,” said Holmes.

While Holmes has been busy like many other seniors with their college applications, he still takes the time to give back and work for change in his community. He educates DSA members on solidarity funds, which is a wealth distribution tool to work against capitalism. If a citizen can prove that they are unable to function without a certain sum of money, the Twin Cities DSA will sometimes be able to provide the monetary funds. The DSA asks that if you need money apply for it if you don’t donate to the fund.

Looking forward, Holmes looks to volunteer more actively in the DSA community by attending the meeting and setting more time aside for phone banking. Individual action can cause direct action, Holmes hopes that his help can make a difference in the coming elections. He is one part of a moving machine, and if he does his part, the rest will be able to succeed.