Group e-mails cause spamming issue

Slow internet in the middle of the week was caused by an “unprecedented number of emails on Wednesday and Thursday” according to US Technology Coordinater Angie Kritta in an e-mail sent to the community on Thursday night.

She wrote that “The blast of emails and responses to all 400+ students and faculty in a short period of time triggered a Google alert that SPA was being spammed. In turn, Google started deactivating/locking out SPA email accounts.”

Per the school’s technology policy, a reply-all to an e-mail sent to the entire grade is viewed as spam:

“School devices may not be used to interfere with, disrupt, or damage users, services, or equipment. Prohibited behavior includes, but is not limited to: propagation of viruses or unsolicited content of any type (including distribution of spam, broadcasting messages, etc), digital vandalism, theft of passwords, or other digital property, using pictures or videos of community members without their express permission (See SPA Photo and Video Policy), expressly circumventing network filters or firewalls (such as by using a VPN) and any unauthorized access to or destruction of school systems or devices (“cracking, hacking, etc) Any use in this manner is inappropriate and may be illegal, and will result in disciplinary action.”

Students are asked to notify Dean of Students Chantal Thornberry or Academic Dean Tom Anderson prior to sending a “classof” email in the future.