Advisors should teach study skills

No one debates whether the amount of homework that is assigned creates stress, especially for students who do not know how to manage their time well. This is why advisors should use the time during advisory to teach students good time management habits. Advisory would be the perfect time for this because every Wednesday there is a 45 minute period that students spend with their advisories. This is a logical time that advisors could give their advisees helpful tips for managing time. This would significantly benefit students in the long run. If this was something that advisories spent time working on starting in 9th grade, it would hopefully make SPA a more stress-free environment that benefited the students. These habits would help students get better sleep, and have more time to spend doing what they like to do instead of doing homework that could have been done earlier. This all starts with students going to their advisors and asking them to teach tips on how to better manage time. If everyone did this, students would be more well equipped for the homework load.