Blood Drive succeeds, participation from faculty and students


Boraan Abdulkarim

Red Cross workers collect blood donations in the small gym on Feb. 3. “It felt good, aside from a little wooziness. I’m happy I did it,” sophomore Joel Tibbetts said. The drive collected 31 units of blood.

Netta Kaplan, Managing Editor

The annual Red Cross Blood Drive, planned by Upper School Council, took place on Feb. 3 in the small gym. In past years, the Blood Drive has taken place later on in the year, but scheduling difficulties combined with restrictions on where the drive could be due to construction pushed the event up this year. Still, the drive was a success—the total donation amount for the day was 31 units of blood with over 50 donors.

The drive often faces challenges in finding eligible donors. Risk of disease from travelling outside the country, blood pressure, hemoglobin levels, and temperature are all taken into account, along with many other factors. In Minnesota, 16-year-olds can donate with parental consent, but additional requirements for those under 19 mean many young donors are turned away.

Junior Joel Tibbetts donated for the first time at the drive, inspired partly by his father’s frequent donations. “It felt good, aside from a little wooziness,” Tibbetts said. “I’m happy I did it,” he added.